Friday, April 10, 2009

My Most Favorite Person

I have written about some of my favorite people. This time, I want to write about my most favorite person. And, no, it's not about me. This man stands out far above the rest of the men and women I know, have known or ever will know. I can say that with all certainty. I chose to write about him, at this time, because this weekend is a remembrance of what he has done for us and a celebration of what it now means for us.

If my math serves me right, approximately 1,980 years ago, the man, Jesus made his way into Jerusalem. He was fully aware of what awaited him in the city. He was a man on a mission, the most important mission in history. The consequences of those three days would change the world, humanity and eternity. His sacrifice made it possible for you and I to have a unique relationship with God the Father, through the Son, Jesus.

No more would man have to offer blood sacrifices for our sins - Jesus was the blood sacrifice that satisfied all of those requirements.
No more would man be under the power of sin - Jesus set us free.
No more would man have to be spiritually dead - Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit.
No more would man have to pay the penalty for his sins - Jesus paid the penalty for us.

We hear a lot about the religion of peace. There is no religion of peace, apart from the one true God of Peace. The same God of love, of mercy, of grace, of justice - the same God that created the Universe and put the breathe of life into the man He formed out of the dust of the earth - the same God that gave His only Son as a penalty for our sins - He is the Prince of Peace! He is the one, true and only GOD!

Jesus, you give us reason to live. You are the hope that we trust in and the promise we count on. You hold the World in the palm of your hand and your power and control are absolute!

Thank you for dying that horrific death on the cross and shedding your blood for me. Thank you for rising again and living forever.

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  1. When I saw the title, I thought, "Ah, dad has finally gotten to his post about me." Still, though, thanks for the great post about what Christ did for us. I don't think we can ever dwell on it enough. It becomes more of a fleeting thought sometimes, like something we have heard so often it loses it's significance to us. I never want the importance of what Christ did to become "old news" to me. Like the hymn says "Lord, let me never, ever outlive my love for thee."