Friday, April 17, 2009

Retroactive Refugees

Can an illegal alien; who left Mexico and came to the U.S., years ago, for financial reasons; become a political refugee, retroactively? Of course they can, under the BO administration and the twisted mindset of the cRats. The facts of a case never get in their way.

You may have heard some more of the good news of "change" and "hope" that we were dealt this week. Since BO has announced that he will not push for "comprehensive immigration reform" (aka: amnesty) until this fall, his administration (the BOA) (aka: the Snake) has devised a plan to start reclassifying criminals who broke our law by coming into our country illegally. In a back door maneuver, the Snake has found a way to make them legal, now, without any new laws or any legislative debate.

The Snake has proposed turning "illegal aliens" into "political refugees". In other words, those who came here to do the "jobs that Americans won't do"; like construction, yard work, working in restaurants, house cleaning, etc.; are going to be equal to those fleeing persecution and running for their lives. What is the justification for this "change"? The violence in Mexico, near the U.S. border. I know, I know, that has nothing to do with why they came here and is not even the area that most of them came from. The violence escalated after they were already here, for many years. Remember, the facts do not get in the way of the Snake.

I wonder what the "political" issues are that would justify being classified as "political refugees"? How does criminal behavior, even if it were the reason for the Mexicans coming here, turn into a political persecution?

So, what will this all mean to those reclassified? First, they will instantly become "legal" and they will be given a visa for 18 months. At the end of that time, they can apply for "permanent status", which I am sure would be granted. Poof! They are on the "path to citizenship" that John McCain wanted.

I have to admit, this much "hope" and "change" in such a short period of time is a bit overwhelming!

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