Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peace on Earth

Now that we have peace on Earth and there is good will to all men, our dear President has determined that the time is right to begin disarming America. What a relief! I was thinking that there remained danger in the world, but BO has access to a lot of data and information that we do not. So, knowing that he is the leader of this great nation and there is no way that he would set us up for being more vulnerable to enemies, I am left with the only logical conclusion - there is no danger in the world and we have no enemies. So, it only makes sense to cut our missile defense program, to stop making the F-22 fighter, to cancel a new destroyer, to reduce our number of carrier groups, to withdraw missile defense systems from Europe, to buddy up with the terrorist groups (oh, I am sorry, they do not cause terror, only "human caused disasters" similar to accidentally starting a forest fire), to cut military spending, to leave open our borders, to help Iran get the BOMB, and on and on and on...

Whew! It is so nice to know that all is well!

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