Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Uncharted Waters

When Columbus, three ships and the crews sailed west, they were venturing into uncharted waters. The popular opinion was that they were in danger of falling off the end of the world. They did not expect to find the "New World", but hoped they were going to find a way to the east coast of Asia.

Can you imagine the concern, or downright fear that many of the sailors experienced as they continued to go further and further from Europe? Do you think they may have voted to lower the sails during the nights so that they would not sail off the side in the dark. There were no maps, charts or directions. They were trying something brand new and unsure what was just over the horizon.

Even though I would not compare BO to Columbus or a great adventurer, I am absolutely sure that, as Skipper of the USS America, he is steering us into uncharted waters. He is trying things that were untried in this country, ever before (to this extent). He has a policy of "rush and spend" as the solution to almost every issue that arises. He and his crew, throwing billions of dollars at problems, are acting like spending more is the only possible solution. They are admitting that the Stimulus Package that just had to be passed within a few days of taking office (in order to save the economy and stop the rising unemployment) has not worked as planned. Their excuse is that the economy was worse than expected and now they need to pass Stimulus II and throw more money at more people and problems.

As soon as Captain BO set sail on Fiscal Ocean, a giant swell of problems arose. The waves were splashing over the sides. His solution was comparable to drilling a hole in the bottom of the ship. As the situation grew worse and the ship began taking on more water, his new solution is to drill another hole to let the water out.

It is not surprising that the ship is beginning to sink. We have a skipper with no experience, one who has never held the wheel before, never seen a sextant and has no idea how to read the maps. His advisers are no better than he is at knowing what to do. They see the USS America as a damaged vessel and think the best idea is to sink it to the bottom. They are succeeding at an alarming rate.

They are not looking for a new course to the USSR or Eastern Asia, they are looking for a New America. They hate the Constitution, the principles of the founding fathers, Christianity, the Free Market system of the economy, the notion of individual rights, etc. They are trying to get the ship to the shore of the USSA. With the "Change" BO promised, we will end up another Socialist nation with Government control over every aspect of our lives.

Cruise, anyone?

Got Lifeboat?

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