Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Little Breaking News Story

I wrote that I would not be writing for a few days unless something big happened. Well, something little happened that could not wait.

The group, Little People of America, has asked the FCC to ban the word "Midget" on TV. The little squirts think midget is offensive. The AP story states that the request was prompted by an April episode of "Celebrity Apprentice", where contestants created a detergent and called it Jesse James and the Midgets. Joan Rivers suggested bathing the midgets in the detergent and then hanging them out to dry.

Sounds to me like they are a little sensitive! Don't they realize that we have to have some label to stick on them. Would they prefer "squatty bodies" or "little farts"?

AOL is running an unofficial survey to see reader opinion about banning "Midget". So far, over 60,000 have voted and 76% are in favor of keeping the term on TV. Looks like the tall people are winning by a big margin.

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  1. This one could get you into BIG trouble, Buddy... even though you are still more like one of the "little people" ;)