Saturday, July 11, 2009

Homeland Security

Another news story that just brings a warmth to your soul - or is that a fire consuming your patience?

Jano Nappy, Secretary of Homeland Security, did a revision of some rules. Local law enforcement officers, who have been trained by HS to enforce immigration laws, have now been restricted from performing their duties. Under the new rules, they are only to pursue illegal immigrants for major crimes. They are not to go after the criminals (if they are illegal immigrants) for "minor crimes".

I am sure that murder or rape or bombings or delivering mass quantities of drugs would be considered a major crime. But, what is the level of criminal activity where it changes from major to minor crimes?

We have recently seen a court ruling where an illegal alien was using someone else's social security number. They were charged with identity theft. The illegal won a court case to drop the charge, based on the person stated that they did not realize the SS# belonged to a real person. So, clearly, identity theft is in the minor crimes category.

I will state what goes without stating - entering the country illegally, is a minor crime that HS is not concerned about and clearly does not want law enforcement wasting their time over.

Trespassing, loitering, minor drug offenses, traffic violations, drunk driving, fighting, speeding down I-10 with 20 in a pickup, trashing the desert, stealing from ranch owners, etc.; must all fit into the category of minor crimes.

I wonder what level the following come under: kidnapping other illegals, holding against one's will for ransom, human trafficking (never mind, that is probably minor), car-jacking, being a neighborhood drug dealer, shooting at a cop but not hitting him, or leaving someone in the desert where they will die?

Have you noticed what our policy has been. Many illegals, when caught after doing a crime other than being here illegally, are not punished in our court and jail systems; they are hauled back to the border and released into Mexico. Common sense will tell us that they have learned their lesson and we will never see them again this side of Nogalas.

Wondering out loud - why, when an illegal commits a crime, is their punishment no different than deportation? When a legal citizen commits the same crime, they go to prison. We are seeing on America's Most Wanted TV program, repeat offenders doing major crimes in the US after they have been deported to Mexico numerous times before for other crimes. Where is the punishment or the justice? Now, with the new rules, they know that they basically have a free hand to commit minor crimes, since they are hear illegally.

Something here is bass-ackwards!

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