Monday, July 27, 2009

Signs of Economic Recovery

According to some cRats and media cheerleaders, there are signs that the economy is mending. ABC actually declared the recession to be over. BO, last week, said that the stimulus is working as planned but that this recovery may not see jobs come back as they are a lagging indicator.

(Am I remembering this wrong, but didn't BO say that the stimulus was going to create and/or save millions of jobs?) Well, I recently heard another statistic that shows how our economy is going - the number of food stamps. I wrote on 5/20/09 about there being 32,600,000 on food stamps as of February. The recent numbers now have it at 33,800,000.

Their definition of "recovery" comes from the same dictionary as they got "hope" and "change". I understand it is a presidential dictionary and is the very same one Clinton used to try to find the meaning of "is".

Maybe in Stimulus III or IV or V, whichever is next, they will be able to set aside enough to by a Websters.

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