Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dreaded Climate Change

According to many Liberals, "Climate Change" is to be feared, avoided and conquered at any cost. Al Gore has made this his primary objective. Many so-called scientists have declared that the debate is over and we cannot wait to take action in order to save the planet.

So, what is the evidence that is so overwhelming? From around 1865 until around 2000, the average temperature of the Earth increased by about one degree. This period of time, with slightly rising temperatures, followed a longer period that is known as the Mini Ice Age, when temperatures cooled three to four degrees. Over the past ten years it appears that the average temperature has again began to cool to a minor extent.

According to the proponents of dealing with climate change at the government level, carbon dioxide is the culprit that must be controlled. Carbon dioxide is the gas that humans and animals exhale during the breathing process. It is also what plants need in order to survive.

Obama and his partners in crime insist that this crisis must be dealt with right now. Gore has been saying for years that we do not have years before it is too late. Over the past few years, some of Gore's speaking engagements, where he was expounding on global warming, had to be cancelled due to snow. What they are really afraid of is that the more time that expires before something is done by the government, that they can take credit for, the more clear it will be to more and more people that there is no real crisis. Recently BO went to a summit of World leaders where he pushed the Climate Change/Global Warming agenda. The leaders of the other countries wanted nothing to do with it and would not sign on to a plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Other than fear tactics, what are they using to convince people of a crisis? First of all, emotion. They show a polar bear floating on a chunk of ice and claim that these cuddly creatures will become extinct if we do not act. The fact that polar bears have been floating one chunks of ice for centuries does not interfere with the emotional appeal. Second of all, speed. All of this has to be done right now! Next week will be too late. Even though we have heard for the past several years that it has to be done right now, nothing bad seems to be happening as nothing is being done.

Along the lines of fear, they work hard at creating a crisis in the minds of the public. The crisis has to be soooo big that only the government can be in charge of solving it. They warn us the cities along the coasts will flood, the ice caps will melt, etc.

So, some questions arise from the whole debate - yes, we can still debate as to whether there is ANY reason for concern. First, who is to say what the ideal temperature is supposed to be? Who is to know that a couple degrees warmer would not be ideal? Maybe the climate is just trying to recover from the mini ice age and get back to where it was. Second, who is to say that the present trend of cooling will not continue for a hundred years? Third, why is carbon dioxide supposed to be dangerous to us, all of a sudden? If, for some reason, there is too much, just plant some trees. You do not have to create a whole government controlled program with taxing and penalties to solve that. Fourth, are we so arrogant that we believe we can control the climate?

And also, what would the world be like without climate change? When the climate began to cool, again, as it has always worked through cycles, the global warming group abandoned that term in favor of climate change. Maybe I am a little slow, but isn't the climate supposed to change? Do we think we can stop it from changing? Would we like it even if we could stop climate change? At what point of the year would we like to freeze the climate and keep it that way? Who gets to decide?

One final point, all of this was based on a one degree rise in average temperature over 130+ years. Their evidence of harm has been some photos of the extreme north portion of the Earth. It is my understanding that every winter the temperature drops to below freezing and during the summer, it rises above 32 degrees. Any melting of ice is normal and an annual event. So, if the average temperature is one degree warmer, what does that mean in that area? All it means is that the point at which it goes above freezing may be an hour or day sooner than it would otherwise have been. One degree does not make a difference between always being frozen and all of it melting. We're talking about the temperature getting to 43 instead of only 42. So what!

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