Friday, July 24, 2009

Shooting the Victim

Last weekend, in Phoenix, four young boys (ages 9-12) lured an eight year old girl into a shed and gang raped her. The boys took turns while others held her down and tried to silence her screaming. A neighbor heard her and called police, who caught the boys, arrested them and took the girl home to her family.

It so happens that all five involved are refugees from Liberia, an African nation. When the parents heard what had happened to their daughter, in the presence of the police, they blamed her for letting it happen and accused her of bringing shame on her family. At this point, CPS was called and took custody of the girl.

An older sister of the victim responded to the media attention this caused, stating that the eight year old is just causing trouble and none of the family wants to see her again.

I am speechless!

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