Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lab Rats

Another news story about the rats - this time it is not the cRats.

A medical subsidiary of GE announced that they will be doing their drug testing on human embryonic stem cells, thus saving the lab rats. Yes, you heard right, in order to save the rats, they will harvest human stem cells from embryos.

This news follows the word from the White House a couple months ago, when BO lifted the ban on using our tax dollars for funding research using embryonic stem cells.

We should no be surprised, shocked - yes, but not surprised. This fits right in with the morality trend in our country. We are watching the devaluing of the human life, the stripping of freedoms, the loss of rights - all for the sake of the Marxist-socialist plan for America.

BO has become the BB. We have heard stories about Big Brother watching and controlling our lives. Well, BO has become the Big Brother we all did not want.

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  1. That's so unbelievable, even for the state of the world, that's unbelievable.