Monday, July 27, 2009

Fanning the Flickering Flame of Freedom

We will not light the flame of freedom in America, others who have gone before us have seen to that. It does not appear to be likely that we will pass the torch to the following generations with the flame burning brighter and stronger than it was when it was passed to us. No, we had front row seats for a period of history that is responsible for the flame of freedom in America burning down to a flicker.

Most generations for the last 233 years have passed a brighter flame to the next. There are few periods, and most of those were short lived, where the freedom of the people in our nation has been in jeopardy. We have dealt with wars from both without and within. We have suffered great trials through extremely difficult economic challenges. We have had weak leaders at various times. Our freedom and independence came close to never becoming a reality. Yet, through all of the difficult circumstances, the flame of freedom continued to burn bright.

When so many people from other nations were suffering, why did America seem to become the light on a hill? Why was it a goal of so many from around the world to get to our shores? I believe it is due to the hand of God blessing America. I believe that God birthed the burning desire in the hearts of men and women for freedom. I believe that the great experiment of American independence was not an accident when it succeeded. I believe that God blessed and protected America for His purpose and pleasure.

The thanksgiving for the founding of America was given to God. The "unalienable rights" of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" were acknowledged as being given to man from God.

Beginning around fifty years ago, an effort that had been fairly small, took some major leaps. "God" was to be removed from public. Prayer was to be removed from schools. Manger scenes were not allowed on public property. The "Ten Commandments" were not be be hanging on the walls of many government buildings. Though not an official declaration, the USA was a Christian nation. Now it is politically incorrect to make that statement. "Freedom of religion" became freedom from religion.

Many in our government, especially in the Judicial Branch, have taken an active role in the attempt to minimalize and marginalize the effect that Christianity and Christians have in our country. The media has made Christians a source of joke material. Many churches and their leaders have not helped as they have brought ridicule upon themselves by their ungodly actions.

Most recent has got to be the election of President Obama. He has brought into the White House an un-American, unpatriotic, socialist leadership. He is, with the willing help of the Legislative Branch, dismantling our capitalistic system of economy, ignoring the Constitution and the limits placed on government, and basically acting in the role of a dictator. We have a leader who is a bold-faced liar and anti-Semitic. One who sat in church for 20 years, but did not hear the Gospel of the Bible, but heard hate and racism. He and his philosophy pose the greatest danger to freedom for Americans that we have witnessed in my lifetime.

What can we do about it? WE can fight back! WE can speak out! WE can share with others and teach what has not been learned by so many! WE can build a conservative movement, based on founding principles and values, that can win back the minds and hearts of the majority of Americans. I believe that deep in the hearts of man is a desire to be free. The problem is that so many do not realize that freedom is vanishing right before their eyes.

WE must fan the flickering flame of freedom in America. It can burn bright again, with God's help!

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