Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Your Dime

There are several issues in the news that affect your wallet.

1.  First Lady Obama (FLO) just took one of her daughters and some close friends to Spain for a private vacation and some "mother-daughter time".  Once the story began to gain scrutiny, the story changed to one of FLO needing to keep a promise with a close friend.  It seems that FLO has a friend who recently lost a loved-one.  FLO had promised her that they would get together for some personal-relationship time, since FLO was not able to attend the funeral.  This trip was just the fulfillment of that promise to spend a little time together.  (I don't guess she is aware of the corner coffee shop or even that the US has motels that need a little financial boost.)

As you probably know, whenever BO or FLO go somewhere, it is never a small thing.  FLO, daughter and friends made the trip on Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a Boeing 757.  You are probably, also aware that where either of them go, there is a small army of Secret Service agents that tag along.  In this case, it is reported that 70 agents also made the trip to Spain (each of them get a nice per diem when they travel).  FLO and the agents do not take tazis or the bus.  That means that other planes also made the trip to take vehicles for the motorcade, the communication equipment for the agents, the weapons they would need for protection of FLO, etc.

You may have heard that FLO and party stayed at the "Casa 6" motel.  Not so, they reserved 60, yes 60 rooms at a five-star resort, where each room can cost from $600 to $6,000 per night.  Yes, they stayed several nights.  Just my speculation, but I would imagine that FLO insisted on the cheap rooms and cold cuts and cereal for meals. 

We have not been told how many friends went along.  We have not been told what this trip cost.  We have been assured that FLO would reimburse the government for the cost of two (her and her daughter's) airline tickets, since this was for pleasure and not official business.  Whew!  That's better, for a minute there, I thought this was probably going to be expensive on the taxpayers back home.

Don't worry about BO and the other daughter not being able to make that trip.  As soon as FLO gets back, the whole family will then go on a family vacation.

2.  Have you heard about the Imam from New York?  This is the same Muslim cleric who has been pressing for building a mosque at "ground zero".  Now that the 13-story mosque has gained official approval from New York City, there appears to just be two small issues to work out.  The first appears to be that part of the property needed, they do not own.  The second would be finding the $100,000,000 for the construction costs. 

Since the BO administration (BOA) is pro-Muslim, they felt is was part their responsibility to help this poor man find the money.  So, this week, the State Department revealed that the US (this means you and I) will be funding a multi-nation trip for this Imam to travel around the Middle East raising funds to build a mosque as a symbol of triumph over the USA on 9-11.  The trip should be successful since this guy has experience raising funds for Hamas.

You ask, why do I say that BO is pro-Muslim?  I would instruct you to go back and see who got the first interview with the new President.  Whose side has he taken between Israel and Hamas?  Who did he apologize to in his speech from Egypt?  Where did he get his elementary education?  What religion was his father? 

Did you know that BO has instructed the head of NASA to make his number one priority the building-up of the Muslim people's self-image in the Middle East?  NASA's most important mission is to make Arabs feel good about themselves.  What happened to space flight?  Oh, most of that has been canceled by the BOA.

3.  On a related topic, it has also been revealed that the US (us) is also funding the construction of mosques in various Arab countries in other parts of the world.  Isn't it amazing that the wall between church and state is very clear when it pertains to Christianity, but not so much so for Islam?  We actually have our government paying to build places of worship for a religion.  Not only that, but it is a religion that believes that all of us infidels should either convert to Islam or be killed.

4.  The national debt is approximately $13.3 trillion.  That equates to +-$40,000 per man, woman and child in the USA.

5.  This week, Congress passed and BO signed another stimulus bill.  This one "only" costs $26.1 billion.  Much of the money will be used to bail out unions for teacher pensions in various states.  This slush fund, with your money, is being used to buy votes for Democrats. 

It sort of makes you wonder something.  Why did they need another stimulus bill for this purpose?  We have been told, repeatedly, over the past couple years, that if they do not pass various stimulus and bail-out bills that teachers will suffer.  It's really just for the children!  It is the children, single women, minorities and gays that get hit the hardest when they do not pass one of these.  Also, why did they need another bail-out bill when there is still over $300 billion unspent from the first stimulus bill.  Makes you wonder what they are saving that pot of cash for and which voter block will be rewarded next time?

Rest easy, Big Brother is in charge!

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