Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Asking the Questions the Left Won't Ask

As it appears that I have found myself to be a new-found subject to King Obama (KO), there are a few things I would like to know about him.  If I am relegated to serve him and his big government, it would be nice to better understand just who our king is and what he thinks.  Who knows, once we learned the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; we just might find that we like this guy.  But, once we have nothing but the truth, we might find out that we have been KO'd.

1.  If you are the "smartest President" we have ever had, would you show us your college records?

Not to blindly doubt your loyal admirers, but I would like some proof that you are on a level above the rest of us.

2.  In response to your claim that your election would stop the rising of the oceans and that you are the "one we have been waiting for", would you mind pointing out from the Holy Scripture where you were prophesied?

In answer, you cannot use the fact that the oceans are not rising as proof.  We both know that they were not doing that beforehand.

3.  Would you mind explaining your name?

In America, we have watched as numerous people who were not Muslims, changed to becoming Muslims.  When they did this, they changed their names to Muslim names; such as:  Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali and Lou Alcindor to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  But with you, you were born with a Muslim name (not your fault).  You later had the name of Barry Soetoro, but then again, changed your name back to the Muslim name, though you claimed to not be a Muslim.

4.  Just for the record, where in the world were you born?  Or, were you immaculately dropped on a beach in Hawaii?

Inquiring minds want to know!  I realize, that to you, this is a non-issue.  You have said that we should not be concerned, but there is this little matter, called the Constitution.  It has some pretty specific things to say about you being where you are.  Pretty please?

5.  Why does the Federal Election Commission not perform the most basic duty of government, concerning the presidential elections - that of verifying that the candidates actually meet the minimum qualifications laid out in the Constitution?

Sorry, I used the "C" word again.  I know how you hate hearing about that document of "negative rights".  (You have to admit, dear king, that you must of thought it pretty funny that someone could sidestep ever having to prove they are qualified to hold what is considered to be the most important office in the World.)

6.  Does Jim Wallis, your "spiritual advisor" ever really give you Spiritual advice?

It seems to me that Rev. Wallis is more concerned with socialism than with true Christianity.

7.  This begs the next question, would God consider Jeremiah Wright to be a true Christian?

It is very easy to tag ourselves with popular labels.  But, when we apply the name card to our chest, with "Christian" written on it, that means a lot of things to a lot of people.  The trouble is, with God, it has a very specific meaning that does not fit many of our definitions.  So, what do you think, with JW preaching racism and hate from the pulpit, do you believe God is cheering him on or considering a bolt of lightning?

8.  Related question, would the real KING consider you to be a true Christian?

You have claimed that JW led you to Jesus, but if JW did not know the way himself, how could he do that?  Also, you have since claimed that you did not hear what JW preached in 20 years of Sunday sermons, so how is it that JW led you to Jesus?  Was it by his example of humility, love and self-sacrifice?

9.  How are those sanctions against Iran working for you?

It appears to us know-nothings that this plan may be off track.

10.  And finally, has your handicap come down since becoming king?

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