Friday, August 27, 2010

Does Your Vote Count?

America was at the crossroads two years ago.  Americans voted Obama into office and gave the Democrats solid control of the House and Senate.  That election determined which road we would travel upon.  To my amazement and great disappointment, America chose socialism.  The Liberals took complete control of Washington and began to launch a massive agenda to enlarge government, secure power, destroy capitalism, take over industry, control healthcare, increase dependency, and basically cement our future to a foundation of socialism. 

Since the last general election, the balance in government has raced to the Left.  They have run amok!  As we have been reminded, "Elections have consequences!"  We have the government that we the people voted into office.  No, not all of us, but a majority did.  You can blame the outcome on a lot of things (the desire for the first black president, the uninformed believing the media attacks, etc.), but it all boils down to most of the voters marking the (D) selection.

The Right has to look back and take responsibility for being unable to secure a better outcome.  We were either ineffective at our argument or failed to install an urgency in the need to actually vote.  In the past 18 months, it appears that the elephant in the room has been awakened.  Americans are locked-in on the national situation to a greater degree than I can remember.  We are paying better attention and demanding more accountability from our elected leaders than before.  We do not like what they are doing!

Or, at least that is what I thought.  Are we being deceived by ourselves and our own energy?  Are we preaching to the choir, only?  Sure, we are excited and demanding a change back to the Right, but are "we" the same people who voted to the Right the last time and the time before?  Are we still ineffective at expanding our base with individuals who will actually care and vote?  Taking a citizen who voted (R) the last time and getting them excited to vote (R) this time is not a gain. 

We have to take the fight outside of the camp.  The argument has to be won with people who did not vote before or who voted (D).  We have to win the hearts and minds of the undecided and convince the Left-leaning to come back to the Right.  We also have to do much better, after we win the argument, of getting our new-found conservatives to actually vote.

We have been facing a succession of elections that have been growing in vital importance over the past few cycles.  November is the next in line.  The general election can make the difference in the permanent establishment of the U.S.S.A. or the reemergence of a strong U.S.A.  Losing in November could mean R.I.P. for the America we love.  How can I put this stronger?  Winning in November and taking control of the House and Senate by true conservatives is mandatory in order to put a stop to Obama.  We cannot deal with another two years of amok.

I believe this so strongly and recognize the importance of passing on to my kids and grandkids an America I would want.  I am constantly looking for another way to argue, in a convincing manner, the superiority of being conservative. 

Following the primary election in Arizona, a few days ago, I see a hole in our plan.  We are making the argument across the nation.  The voter registration numbers are showing loses to the (D) ranks and increases in the (I) and (R) ranks.  But, are our converts going to make a difference in November?  There is only one way that the answer will be "yes".  That outcome is dependent upon them voting.

We must have an outstanding turnout to the polls of those who are selecting the best conservative for the office.  I was shocked, this week, as I heard the turnout numbers for the AZ primary.  With all that is on the line and the considerable differences the outcome will hold, we had voter turnout of under 30%. 

Do they not get it?  No, they don't.  That is now our number one job for the next two months.  Make a compelling argument, win a convert, and get them to the polls.  We cannot be lax or take anything for granted.  Every vote is needed to win and every vote counts.

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  1. Those are shocking numbers at the polls in Arizona, especially with all that's gone down there recently. I think everyone feels like "only one" and then millions don't bother.