Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No New Jobs!

The latest employment numbers coming out of Washington indicate a higher rate of unemployment.  Evidently, the census jobs must be winding down.  From March through May, BO claimed rising employment, but much of the changes were due to the multiple thousands the government hired to perform census duties.  In fact, some of these hirees were counted twice in order to boost the numbers.  They were hired early on in the process, let go due to not enough to do, and then hired back within a few days.  Now that they have gathered our personal information (which we are assured will only be used by individuals in various government agencies, as the administration sees fit), many of these are again joining the ranks of the unemployed.

The official unemployment rate of 9.6% only counts those collecting unemployment compensation.  The estimated true number of unemployed is around 15-18% of the available workforce.  Besides the census workers, much of the hiring done in the past six to nine months has also been government jobs.  The private sector is sitting on their hands, waiting to see what BO will do next and how it will negatively affect them and their business.  If business owners and managers had an optimistic outlook, they would be expanding and hiring.  With numbers going in the wrong direction, it is proof that the providers of the real jobs are bracing for harder storms ahead.

BO keeps bragging about how the stimulus is working.  He lays claim to hundreds of thousands of jobs "created or saved".  Of course, he is claiming, as a fact, a result that is impossible to measure.  This puts the skeptics in a position of only being able to doubt and rebuke the claim, but unable to prove, to a great degree, that it is totally bogus.  The criticism has a basis of unimproving unemployment numbers and the lack of hiring in the private sector.  What we seem to be missing is BO is not concerned about the private sector, he wants the public jobs numbers to increase.  This adds to the portion of the population that is dependant upon government - which typically votes to the Left.  After all, you don't want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Ann Coulter (one of my favorite ladies) was on the Hannity radio program today.  She said something that needs to be remembered, "A new government job is worse than no new jobs."  Think about it.  When we add no new jobs, we remain even without adding harm to the workforce.  But, when the government hires another person for a new job, BO claims it as a great achievement, but it is actually a negative.  Now, instead of the private workers remaining even, we now have one more non-productive worker to support with our taxes.

It has been a hot issue over the past couple weeks that the average government worker makes about 1.4 times what the average private worker makes.  Then you add the superior benefits the public employee receives and the result is that they have a gross package of almost double the average for the private sector worker.  When you have half of the population that do not pay income taxes, that leaves a heavy burden on the remainder - the "evil rich" and "fat cats". 

When you stop to think about it, the demonized wealthy are the ones paying the wages and benefits for those who want to tear them down.  It goes to prove that we are not dealing with the smartest bunch of people. 

I have not reminded you in awhile, but, remember:  They were at war with us but we were not at war with them.

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