Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Garbage Can - Part 714

Well, it may not be the 714th time for the "Garbage Can", but there have been several.  The "Garbage Can" is a summary of various items in the news.

1.  "Orphan" Pensions - Our dear Congress is considering a bill to deal with "orphan" pensions.  These are pension plans for employees where the company can no longer afford to fund or pay for the benefits in the plans.  They want to cover these "orphan" plans under the "Pension Guarantee" Fund, which is the use of taxpayer money to pay private individual's pensions.  This, we are already doing, but the new bill is to add the Teamsters Unions to coverage under the Fund.

This is another Obama bailout of political supporters.  Where, in the Constitution, does the Federal Government have the right to take your money and give it to someone else to pay their pension payments that were promised by a private company?

2.  Remember when BO met with Gov. Brewer of AZ?  He did not want to have to talk with her, but some athlete was unable to make it, so there was an opening that she forced her way into.  BO promised her that within 20 days, there would be members of his team in AZ to deliver his plan to solve the border issues.  About 30 days later, a few staff members showed up, met mostly with the Democrat running for governor (3 hours) and then went to see the real Governor - Brewer.  They gave her a power-point presentation for a half hour and were unable to answer any of her questions and offered no details of any plans.

The people were not fooled or satisfied, so BO promised to have troops on the border by August 1.  As of now, still no troops.  We are being told that some will be there in October (amazing that this is right before the election), but they still need more training.  These troops will have limited responsibilities.  They are to extra eyes for the Border Patrol.  They will have no authority to detain anyone. 

So, my question is, what kind of training do these troops need in order to watch for illegal aliens?  Why does this extensive training take months to complete?

3.  You may have noticed that Congress passed and BO signed another Border Protection Law.  This one promises to spend $600 million on protecting the southern border. 

This is another pre-election stunt by the Left.  This is all geared to make the gullible believe that the problem is being solved by our great leaders on the Left.  Do not bet on the money actually being spent for border security.  A good indication is that the new law does not take effect until next year, after the election.

4.  During the recent process in Congress to extend the unemployment benefits another six months (which by my calculations, would make it last almost 2.5 years), Queen Pelosi made the statement that extending unemployment creates jobs, it is one of the best programs to stimulate the economy.

Be proud, folks, she is one of the best and brightest bulbs on Capitol Hill.  (Remember when she said, with her cute little smile, that they need to pass Obamacare in order for us to find out what is in it.

5.  A Palestinian man was found guilty of "rape by deception" and sentenced to 18 months in prison.  It seems that in order for him to get close to a certain female, he (a Muslim) told her (a Jew) that he was a Jew.

6.  Sharia law update - Did you hear about the dad who was dishonored by his daughter and took her to the front doorstep, where he proceeded to cut her head off in front of the public.

Or the young Afghan couple who were stoned to death for adultery, last week?

7.  What a relief!  The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the pandemic of the swine flu is now over.  The millions of doses, unused, will be burnt.

8.  You heard that the U.S. State Department (that means you and I) is paying for the trip to send a Muslim cleric around to various Arab countries to raise funds for the mosque he wants built at Ground-Zero in NYC.  Don't worry, this is not just any Muslim.  He is a "distinguished Muslim" according to the State Department.

9.  And finally, we have the inside scoop from the White House:  "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?"  BO, "Let me be very clear about that, ah ah, if the hole is plugged, then I ah ah plugged it and you can be very ah proud of me.  But, if it ah leaks again, then I will see whose a-- to ah kick, because someone ah ah is not doing his job."

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