Thursday, August 19, 2010

Closet Christian or Closet Muslim?

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether BO is a Muslim.  Recently, a poll of Americans indicated that approximately 1/4 believe he is Muslim, around 1/3 believe he is Christian and the rest have no idea.  (Let me state, in the beginning, that the opinion of others is not the deciding factor as to our religion, and thankfully so.)

The question lingers, what religion is our President?  True religion is not based on what we claim, but what we believe and how we live.  BO claims, at least most of the time, to be a Christian.  Over the past couple days, a video of BO doing an interview has been on TV.  The interview was with ABC and was in 9/2008, during the last campaign.  In answer to a question, BO states, "McCain has not made an issue of my Muslim faith."  The interviewer interrupts to correct BO, "Christian faith".  BO, then corrects himself and repeats, "Christian faith".  Yes, I imagine it could have just been a mistake; but, I cannot imagine that I would ever, under any circumstances, claim that my faith was Muslim. 

So, how does BO live - now and in the past?  He was born to a Muslim father.  Muslim law states that children of a Muslim father are Muslim.  He completed some of his early education in Indonesia (a Muslim nation) in a Muslim school.  As soon as he became President, his first interview was with Al Jazerra, a Muslim media outlet for the Middle East.  He was very quick to make a trip, as President, to the Middle East and gave a speech, aimed at Muslims, from Egypt.  In this speech, he apologized for America.  He bowed to an Arab king.

BO has been very vocal of his differences with Israel, rude to the Israeli Prime Minister, threatened to have Israeli jets shot down if Israel attempts to bomb Iran, ordered Israel to stop building homes in Jerusalem because it upset the terrorist neighbors.  He has taken millions of our tax dollars to pay for the resettlement of Arabs (possibly Hamas) from Gaza (and possibly moving them to the U.S.). 

After moving to Chicago, BO and pre-FLO (first-lady Obama) joined Jeremiah Wright's (JW) church.  Based on his own words, he was not a Christian prior to this.  BO has said that it was JW who introduced him to Jesus.  So, while attending this church, was true Christianity preached?  Who knows what the typical Sunday sermon was like, but some notable clips have gained widespread publication.  JW preached, at times, a hatred for America, a hatred for white Americans, black separatism, etc.  He blamed the USA for causing the events that led to the attacks on 9/11.  He cussed America and believed that God has damned this country for it's racism.  BO, pre-FLO and little Os attended this church for 20 years.  JW baptized the little Os and married the big Os (not necessarily in that order). 

During the campaign, BO said that he could no more renounce JW than he could America.  Soon after that, he renounced JW and claimed that he had not heard all those ugly things being spewn from the pulpit.  Of course, this was a political move, but also indicated his level of allegiance to America.  He demonstrated that his ties to close friends mean nothing if they come between him and his goals.  After all, it was pre-FLO (or MO) who told us that up until the campaign, she had never been proud of America.

While in the White House, how is he living?  BO's typical Sunday is too busy for attending any of the variety of churches in the D.C. area.  This is understandable, after all he is the leader of the free(?) world.  Do not let it be said that his religion ever kept him from his scheduled golf games on Sunday mornings. 

How about his word?  That is an easy one.  BO is a liar!  You cannot trust anything that comes out of his mouth.  To back up this claim, see earlier blogs (such as "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...).

BO has claimed that he renounced his Muslim faith.  First of all, it is an admission that he began as a Muslim.  Second of all, I thought that a Muslim could not leave the faith without bringing upon himself a death penalty.  So, having admitted that he was Muslim, how is it that other Muslims appear to accept him and greet him warmly, after leaving their religion?  Do they know something we do not?

One thing we are left to assume, BO is a non-practicing religious follower.  We are still left with the question, is BO a closet Christian or a closet Muslim?  I am sure of this - BO is a tool of the one true God.  God is in control and He does place kings on their thrones.  Being a tool in the hands of God does not mean that BO is a Christian or even a leader for the good of our nation.  It just means that the will of God will be fulfilled. 

A final thought, there are no closet Christians!


  1. As I typically refer to BO as "BO", I missed adding one point to the above article - His name: Barack Hussein Obama II. This is clearly a Muslim name. He was named after his dad, Barack Hussein Obama. Later, it appears that his name was changed, as he attended school in Indonesia under the name of Barry Soetoro (BS). His mother and father had divorced and she remarried a man with the last name of Soetoro. At a later time, he must have changed his name back to the Muslim name.

    It is also reported that JW, his "Christian" pastor, also has a Muslim background. Maybe that is why he felt comfortable hearing "Black Liberation Theology" preached on a regular basis.

  2. I think he is whatever his audience will find most appealing and comforting at any given time. I don't see any point in wracking our brains trying to figure it out.