Monday, August 9, 2010

Live THAT Way!

How now should I live?

To break that question down, further:

1. How? How are you living? Does your lifestyle demonstrate what is truly important to you? Would others understand what motivates you based on what they see in your life?

2. Now? Is there a priority for your life that you feel you will get around to, at some time in the future? Are your so-called priorities worth your time, now? Are they important enough to live for, now?

3. Should? Is there something you know you should do, or something you should change in what you are currently doing? What should you be doing now, that you are not?

4. I? Now it is hitting close to home and getting personal. It is not about what others should do and how and when they should do it. It is about you and me. Salvation is personal. Your walk with God and in this world is unique. "No one else can walk it for you, You have to walk it by yourself." from "The Reverend Mister Black".

5. Live? It is not enough to teach or tell others what is important to you. You have to live it! Your life demonstrates what is really important to you. As has been said, "Your life is an open book." Whether or not you realize it, others are reading your pages. What message is being transmitted?

Let me ask the question another way. Is there something or someone you would die for? Not hypothetically, literally! Is there anything that is so important to you that you would be willing to lay down your life in support of or in defense of? If not, I would have to ask, what is the meaning of your life? How have you found yourself in a position where there is nothing and no one worth your life? How has your life become so important and valuable that it should not and cannot be sacrificed for any cause or person? Or, maybe, you feel that it is your life that others should be willing to die for.

Our lives are but a vapor soon to be forgotten. We, physically, will return to where we came; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In Gen. 18:27, Abraham acknowledges that he is but ashes and dust. If it were true of him, it is true of you and me. What will you do with your life that will survive your death? What difference will your having been here make to the future or to others?

Each day we gather a little closer to eternity. Some day, we will reach that destination. At that point, in the absence of time, how will your time spent on Earth measure up? Did you matter to anyone other than at the time you were here? Did you make a difference in the life of someone? What did you demonstrate, by your life, that will be an example for others to follow?

Will you die with regrets over those things you should have done, but did not? We have but one period of time in which to live to make a difference. That is right now! Tomorrow is not promised to you. The legacy you leave may be determined today.

Mankind has a history full of examples worthy of following. There are countless ones who gave up their lives for a cause or for the sake of others. This is not to say that your goal is to go out and die for something and hope someone notices how noble you were. Sometimes, when someone gives up their lives, death is not involved. They give up their life in order to serve others. Their sacrifice is a living sacrifice. (Rom 12:1 KJV) "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service."

"Reasonable service"? Giving up my life as a sacrifice to God is a "reasonable" service? If that is reasonable, what would be unreasonable? Not doing that would be unreasonable.

If you do not already know what those things are that you would die for, examine your life and your priorities. If you do have an idea as to what is that important to you, make sure that they are of such that will have a lasting effect. When you are through with that self-examination, take a look at your present life. Are you living in such a way as your life-priorities are evident and effectual?

In other words, figure out what message you want others to read from your life and then live in such a manner that they cannot misconstrue that message. Find it and then live that way!

Have you asked, "What does it mean to follow Jesus?" The answer is one step beyond what is described above. Following Jesus is to make the self-examination to see if your life is reflecting God's priorities, not your own. This is where having a lasting effect makes a difference. Seek the Lord to know Him. Find Him and follow. Live THAT way!

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