Tuesday, March 23, 2010

War Journal - March 25, 1945

B-26 Nose Art.
"Sit'N Git"

#35 - Bombed today in support of Patton's new bridge head across the Rhine near Worms. We were over the target 55 minutes making a good bomb run. I sweated ten years from my life. There was plenty flak. On the way away from the target we were separated and alone over Germany and a ME-109 decided we were crippled from flak I guess. He came up - looked us over & was probably preparing for the kill when a P-47 nailed him. Weather stopped us from going on a mission this afternoon.
(I asked Dad about this story a few days ago. He still remembers that day. He said that their plane received some damage during the bomb run and fell behind the rest. The German fighter approached from the front and flew over them. Going opposite directions, it took several miles and minutes for the fighter to make a loop and come back after the bomber. Lone bombers were "sitting ducks" to enemy fighters. As the German was on the approach to shoot down the bomber, an American fighter dropped out of the sky and took out the German on the first pass.)

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  1. Totally crazy. God's protection is the only explanation.