Thursday, March 18, 2010

Deem and Cram

There is a good reason that the general public views politicians as being corrupt. Right now, we are witnessing a level of corruption in Washington that, in my opinion, makes Watergate pale by comparison.

The cRats have grown these nasty, sharp, little teeth and are eating any other cRats that try to jump from the sinking ship they are steering. They do this through threats, intimidation, bribes, kick-backs, pledges, promise of financial support, etc. If you are a cRat in D.C. right now, you better tow the Queen Pelosi (QP) line or she will cut your worthless little throat with her infected claws. Need I go on, or are you getting the picture?

The radical Left has long sought an opportunity to nationalize America's health care industry. This is put forth under the umbrella of "good intentions" and "care for the poor and uninsured". They have demonized the very industry they desire to dominate. With the dumbing-down of the public education system over the past few decades, the Left now caters to those who appear to lack any level of common sense or the ability to critically analyze/think for themselves.

They tried in the 1990's to accomplish this sacred goal with HillaryCare. That attempt fell flat on her face. Now, with the perfect storm scenario, with radical cRats in firm control of the White House and both houses of Congress, the holy grail has raised it's ugly head (no, I do not mean Hillary), again. If you listen to the hype and intensity coming from the Left, concerning the takeover of our health care system, you will soon realize that BO has staked his legacy on the passage of this bill. The level of importance could not be higher on the Left or Right. This leads back to the corruption currently taking place. The cRats are reaching into the dark, back corners, under the dirty rags left in the hull of the moldy and putrid damp ship in order to find some way to cram this bill down our throats.

There is absolutely nothing they are not willing to do to make this happen! Besides the bribery, threats, etc.; Hairy Reed is planning on using "reconciliation" to get what he wants in the Senate. That word sounds harmless and somewhat official, but what it means is that he is breaking the Senate rules to cheat on the voting for Obamacare. The Senate is required to pass bills by a 60% majority. Reed does not have that many who will support this process so he plans to use a process that is only intended for use in the reconciling of financial budget items. Reconciliation bills only require a 50% vote to pass.

The House, under the dictatorship of QP, is even being more blatant in the trashing of the Constitution and House rules. She plans to use the "Slaughter Solution" to get the Senate version of the healthcare bill on to the President for his signing, which will put all of us under this new law. QP is planning a vote, probably this Sunday, on a "rules bill". Since she is having trouble even lining up cRats for a yes vote sufficient for a simple majority, she is being devious with the rules bill. What this rules bill will include is a list of amendments that the House wants added to the Senate bill that was passed. But, it also contains the statement that falls under the "deem and pass" provisions. "Deem and pass" takes two issues and combines them into one vote. One issue is voted upon and the second is considered (deemed) to be passed by a majority vote on the first.

QP is taking the bill that represents the largest public takeover of any portion of the private sector (health care represents 16% of our gross national product - GNP) and attaching it to a vote on some rules. It is treating the unconstitutional, major bill for healthcare as a minor issue that is not worthy of it's own vote. She will have the House vote on rules and then deem the Senate version of the bill to be passed by the House. That way, the Representatives can go home for Easter break and claim that they did not vote for the healthcare bill, they only voted on some rules and minor amendments to the Senate bill.

Once Obamacare is deemed passed by the House, the Senate version of the bill will be sent to BO and he will sign it into law. The Senate will then have to take up the amendments passed in the rules bill and consider whether they will pass the changes to their bill. Chances are that they will not. So, all the amendments added by QP in order to buy cRat votes for the rules bill will not become a part of the new law. In other words, QP is willing to do anything and promise everything to her puppets on the Left to get them to vote "yes". It does not matter how much she promises them, they will probably not get it.

The Constitution requires that any bill must be passed by both houses of Congress before it goes to the President. We will be getting healthcare without the House ever voting to pass the bill.

So, you may ask, what is so wrong with the healthcare bill? Wake up and smell the roses! You just may be a victim of public education (see above). This bill is not about covering the uninsured. It is not about reducing costs. It is not about lowering premiums. It is not about any solution to the ills currently in the health care industry and it will not fix any problems that exist. It will not lower premiums or improve care, in fact, we are being told that for many, premiums will increase. Care will be rationed by a government worker. Medicare will receive a half trillion dollars less in funding. We will be taxed and charged penalties. The quality of care will decrease and the wait for care will increase.

So, what is this all about? It is all about control! The Left wants to increase government control over each of our individual lives. This is the reason for the whole process and is also the reason why the particulars of the final bill are not as important as just getting it passed and signed into law. Once they have their law, they will begin amending it to get it fine-tuned into what they really wanted in the first place.

Folks, we are being governed by an element that is full of corruption and with bad intentions. If this passes, our country will never be the same again. That is not an over-statement!

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. The Right slept and tried to reach-across-the-aisle in a series of attempts to "get along" and gain approval from the dominant bully in the room. Well, it did not work and now we find ourselves right smack in the middle of the battle.

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