Sunday, March 21, 2010


Tonight, BO made another speech. Within his comments, he stated, "This is what change looks like." To me, this is what consequences look like. As BO keeps reminding any iCan that takes issue with anything he does, "I won, you lost!"

Through the past year we have seen glimpses of "change". Today, it hit us square in the face! BO and the cRat Congressional leadership pulled off the culmination of decades of desire and several attempts to nationalize 1/6 of our national economy in the form of the health care system. Even though the version passed today is not a "single-payer plan" (similar to what some other socialist countries have where the government runs the health care system and pays the medical bills), they have admitted numerous times in the past that they see the new plan as the essential, first step towards a "single-payer plan".

Make no mistake, with the leftist victory today, they feel empowered to follow this with the other items on the radical-left agenda: cap and trade (the global warming bill), comprehensive immigration reform (amnesty for illegal aliens), another "stimulus" bill (slush fund for their supporters at the taxpayer expense), gun control, rework the financial sector (take control of our financial industry), etc. They also realize that they need to accomplish most of this by the end of this year. They can easily see the possibility that the election in November will sweep them from total power in Congress.

This bill that BO will sign into law within the next couple days will enable the government to dictate areas of our private lives that they have not had the power to do before. 2,700 pages based on just as many lies. This "victory for America" is the trashing of our Constitution. As I said before, the USA will never be the same again.

Remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them!

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