Sunday, March 7, 2010

General Update

As of the first of March, it has been one year of blogging with 369 postings during the first year. For the few of you who read these, I hope you have enjoyed them.

I have been gone for a few days and just caught up on a couple war journal entries. I will try to get some more photos scanned over the next few days so you will also have those.

I just finished typing the war journal entries for the month of March and beginning of April into my computer. There are some amazing entries coming up during the next month. I wasn't even there and some still brought tears to my eyes typing them.

If you are wondering what has happened to the political postings, I have not lost interest, but have been really busy lately and not had the time to do those. Don't fret, I have notes and ideas for upcoming blogs.

Thank you for reading and I appreciate any comments you may have to any of the blogs.

1 comment:

  1. Here I am again, catching up with a month of blogging at once...but I'm doing it, right? Your blog (and my husband) are truly my source for information since I rarely watch national news and find talk radio joyless. I'm glad to have this way to get a summary of what's going on from a trusted source, who I know has done the legwork for me. Thanks, also, for posting the journal of grandpa's. It has really opened my eyes to what he, and so many others, went through. They are hard to read, but I am so glad he kept that journal and that you are giving it more exposure. Thanks, too, for the awesome pictures.