Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wow, I really have trouble believing that this is a fact! I have joined the segment of our population that now views those once believed to be old, as kids. It does not seem that long ago that those who were 40 were pretty darn old. Now I think of them as just getting started with life and living. If I had known then what I know now...; wait, what is it that I know now that I did not know then? I don't remember!

Mentally, I am still (I started to write "young") middle-aged. That is another concept that seems to be constantly in a state of flux. Once, "middle-aged" was 30-40. Now, for some reason, it encompasses those 50-61 (sorry Ron).

I admit that I have witnessed some changes. These are probably not evident to any of you, but they have each caught my attention recently. 1. The Suns have really been playing good. I catch myself losing my train of thought. 2. I have more trouble remembering things, such as names and details of recent events (recent, as in earlier in the day). 3. I can't hear what you just said. That's fine, because if I did hear you, I would wonder why you were talking to me because I do not remember who you are. 4. I catch myself losing my train of thought. 5. I recently noticed that I am beginning to lose some of my hair and that my hair is beginning to gray, in places. 6. Denial is another condition I have discovered. 7. Running in races is beginning to resemble a fast walk. 8. I have begun to think about a retirement plan - no action yet, but I am thinking about it. 9. Did I say that I do not remember things? 10. There were some others but I forgot what they were.

Now, I am only 60! During the past few years, as I have observed some other older men (on TV, in movies and in real life), I watch them, thinking about how old they look. Then, something is said about their age and I find out they are younger than I am. I have to admit, a state of shock comes over me for a few minutes. But, before long, I forget about the whole incident and go merrily along my way. My wife constantly reassures me that I do not look that old, but then she tells me that she needs stronger glasses.

How do I really feel about being 60? Well, for one thing, I have taken up a habit that I do not like in others - asking and answering my own questions. Here is my answer: I feel blessed, truly blessed! So far, turning 60 does not bother me. As I examine my life, current and past, I reach the same conclusion for both, I have been and continue to be blessed. I do not know how I could have asked for or expected more. I have all I could want - faith, family and friends. I thank God and I thank each of you for being such a special part of my life. You have made me a happy man.


  1. Geez, that made me laugh! Although I'm sure I will inform you of it the second I notice it, I can honestly say I have not noticed any brain lapses or memory loss. Besides having a wrong opinion on things (which you have had for as long as I've been around), your brain seems pretty sharp (considering).
    Oh, and you have been both bald and grey since I met you.
    Seriously, though, I am glad you have a good outlook and/or sense of humor about getting older. I get pretty sad when I think about myself and my family aging so FAST all of the sudden. I hope I can keep a similar frame of mind as I enter what I consider middle age (early-30's). By the way, that makes you ancient.

  2. I have the same thoughts and I'm just a youngster at 58. I have had three heart attacks and a couple open heart surgeries tho, so I consider myself a bit "older".