Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sam and Rachel

I rarely get to see Sam and Rachel or their son Samuel, Jr. But absence and distance have not caused them to be out of my thoughts. The three of them hold a piece of my heart that belongs to only them.

Sam is having his 33rd birthday this week. I remember, clearly, the day he and Dennis were born. It was amazing! Sam, even as a baby, had a great sense of humor. He would make the funniest faces and seemed to realize the attention he was getting. Through most of his life he has shown a heart of compassion.

When Sam moved to Alaska, I thought he would be back soon. I never thought he would stay after Wayne moved back down. But, low and behold, Sam found Rachel. They became best of friends and eventually married. Then, it was easy to understand why Sam was so attracted to Alaska. The two of them had a son, Samuel, Jr. He became the pride and joy for both Sam and Rachel. Over the years, they have worked together to raise a very fine son and grandson.

We had an opportunity to have a good visit with all of them a little over a year ago. It was really nice to have them around for a few days.

Sam grew into an independent man. He seems to love Alaska and I am not sure if they will ever move back to the warm country. Hopefully, there will be good opportunities for them to come down here and for us to go up there to see them. I am proud of him and what a great Dad he is to his son.

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  1. When I think of Sam, I will always think first of his "heart of compassion". I'm not sure I've ever seen it so clearly in somebody.