Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Slaughterhouse

The cRats have sunk to a new low and that is hard to do with all they have tried lately!

One way or another, they intend to impose some form of healthcare control on all of us. It does not matter to them that a large majority of the public (their bosses) do not want any form of what they are selling, they are going to give it to us anyway.

Queen Pelosi does not appear to be able to round up enough cRats to vote to pass the Senate version of Obamacare. This is in spite of the cRats controlling Congress by about 40 votes. If the House members insist on making changes to what the Senate passed, it would have to go back to the Senate for another vote. The last time, it passed with the slimmest of margins and they do not want to have to take it back there for another vote. There are enough cRats in the House that do not want to vote for this mess that QP cannot round up votes for passage.

So, along comes Louise Slaughter, House Rules Chairwoman (D-obviously), with her brilliant idea. The transparent cRats have been holding numerous meetings behind closed doors - even closed to many cRats - and this is the latest idea they are floating. The SlaughterHouse committee would bring a rule for a floor vote that would basically state that with passage of this rule change, the Senate version of the healthcare bill would be "deemed" to have been passed by the House. This ploy would make it possible for cRat House members who are afraid to vote for healthcare (due to we the people back home), be able to pass healthcare without having to claim they voted for it. They could claim that all they did was pass a rule but they never voted to pass healthcare.

There is just one small problem - the Constitution! This idea would Slaughter the Constitution, again - something they do not seem to be bothered by, in the least bit. The Constitution requires that all bills be passed by both houses of Congress before being sent to the President for signing into law. This new rule idea would bypass the House ever reconsidering this bill or passing it with a vote.

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