Thursday, December 17, 2009

War Journal - Dec. 16, 1944

Made mission ten yesterday to Wollseiffen, Germany - ten miles southeast of Aachen. Had a narrow escape on takeoff - nearly crashed. The mission was PFF - no flak or fighter opposition. The object was to destroy the entire town. On returning we were forced down on a P-38 fighter strip - 12 miles northwest of Reims. Landing conditions were very bad - the first attempt was almost fatal - but by a miracle we made it safe on the second attempt. Spent the night at the 323rd B.G. near the little town of Leon. It was terribly cold and with no blankets or fire we could not sleep at all. Made it back to our home base in a rain storm today. Under present conditions the landing & takeoffs are proving so hazardous that I am beginning to feel pretty nervous about flying. The missions are easy in comparison. Missed our trip to Paris by being away from here two days.

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