Friday, December 18, 2009

Bizarro World

Can the world of politics get any more crazy? Every single day there is something new that our government is involved in that is unbelievable. Every single day I am amazed at what they are pulling and pushing. Every single day I am shocked at what I hear that our leaders are doing. Every single day...

If this were not so serious, it would be funny. If this were the script for a movie, we would not sit and watch it because it would not be believable. The things that make sense are exactly the opposite of what is being done. Logic has no place in Washington any longer. There is a saying that applies here very well, "the inmates are running the asylum."

I will summarize some of the recent news items that I am talking about -

1. Congress, since they have nothing better to do, is considering (again) comprehensive immigration reform. The current bill has these provisions: increased over-sight on the border patrol to make sure they are not infringing upon any "rights" of the illegal immigrants (which is code for tying the hands of the agents so that they can no longer effectively do their assigned jobs); stop construction on any more border fencing, eliminate local law enforcement's ability to enforce immigration laws; and provide a streamlined process for illegals to become legal (you remember the promise that they would have to pay a fine and jump through hoops - that we are not giving them amnesty). Well the new process will involve that they each will tell us their name (no ID required) and pay $500. After jumping this this hoop, they will be given the documents necessary to make them legal.

2. Never mind that the whole "scientific community" supporting the Global Warming intuitive has been exposed to be a bunch of frauds who have altered and manipulated the so-called "indisputable scientific data". Never mind that the whole Climate Change program has been a hoax all along. Never mind that all of those hypocritical, concerned individuals who are now gathered in Copenhagen hoping to pound out an agreement, came there on private jets and in limos. Never mind the data that shows the Earth's average temperature has actually cooled over the past decade. Never mind all the scientists who tell us that there is nothing going on other than normal climate cycles. Never mind that All Gorey promotes the inconvenient lies and has positioned himself to make multiple millions of dollars in carbon credit trading. Never mind that any action taken will further damage our weak economy and raise taxes and cause job loss.

None of this is sinking into the BOA (BO's administration). Our dear Secretary of State, the lovely Mr. Hillary Clinton, made a speech at the Copenhagen conference this week. When she promised that the US will commit $100,000,000,000 (that's 100 billion dollars) to the unjust cause of fighting climate change, there was loud applause from the audience. But, hold on to your seats, that was not all. This dollar commitment is not the total, but is the annual commitment for the next ten years. Yes, my tax-paying friends and neighbors, that is ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of your money to be given to a bunch of frauds to supposedly fight a phony crisis.

Just how much is a trillion dollars? We seem to be hearing that figure a lot from Washington this year. Let's break it down to a number that hits close to home. It amounts to $3,000 for your commitment. $3,000 for my commitment. $3,000 for every man, woman and child in our country (prior to the new immigration laws being passed) having to cover.

3. In a related Bizarro story, we had Hugo Chavez (the dictator leader) give a speech to the same Copenhagen conference. His talk followed after Clinton's promise. He (Hugo, not Hillary) announced the death of capitalism. For this, he to received loud applause.

I am not surprised by his comments or their reaction, but I am puzzled. America, the main capitalistic country in the world, is the most prosperous and it's citizens enjoy the highest standard of living. I can understand others being jealous, we have had it really good in this country. So, instead of trying to tear it down and destroy the system that produced this situation, why not copy it? Why does the rest of the world want our system killed? What do they believe they will gain by our loss? Do they believe that we would be promising $100 billion each year if we were operating any other economic system? To me, this is bizarre!

4. Healthcare. You had to know I would get to this. We do not want it but Washington is bound and determined to give it to us anyway. This week, ABC ran a poll. 53% disapprove of the healthcare plan in congress. 52% disapprove of the way the government is dealing with the economic situation. These polls are usually based on around 1,000 people being contacted. I was reading this on AOL. AOL also conducted their own poll with the same two questions. When I voted, there had been around 10,000 votes cast. The current results were 89% strongly disapprove and 93% disapprove of the healthcare plan. 85% strongly disapprove of the handling of the economy and 91% disapprove.

So, why are they determined to force this down our throats? Why pass a plan that raises premiums, still leaves tens of millions uninsured, raises taxes, imposes fines for not buying the mandatory insurance, and now has even dropped the public option from the bill? For that last part, the Left is mad. For the rest, the Right is mad. Even Howard Dean wants the plan scrapped. is running ads against the plan. Basically, no one is happy with it, but the BOA, Hairy Reed and Queen Pelousy are going to give this to us for Christmas, anyway.

BO actually has the nerve to stand before us and claim that this massive spending plan (which will be over a trillion dollars) will "reduce the deficit". Is he just plain stupid or does he believe we are? You and I both know the answer to that.

I could go on and on, but you get my point. The world has gone crazy. Common sense does not exist in government. This is bizarre!

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  1. Paps, thanks to you, I stay informed on all of this. It is crazy, you're right. I'm sure you find it even more shocking, having lived longer and seen more how things work best. I find myself listening to less and less talk radio and news coverage over all of this because it just seems so depressing and negative, but it's good to be able to come on here and at least find out the latest.