Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dennis and Ashley

This week Dennis and Ashley celebrated their third anniversary. In this short period of time, they have had quite a journey. It has been exciting to watch them grow and bond.

The two met while they both worked at Safeway. I'm not sure what all took place in the storage area, at the back of the store, but I do know that one day I went back there to find Dennis and there he was throwing a football (if I remember it right) with this young girl. With them both having the look of being caught at something, Ashley quickly vanished to the front of the store.

My first impression - she is so young! It happened that Dennis was falling in love with a girl just slightly younger than he was. It was not hard to see in his eyes that he really cared for her. I admit that I wondered about this situation, being that Dennis had an eight year old son and I had to question if Ashley realized what she would be getting herself into. It cannot be easy to step into a small family with a son, at her age.

Around a year later they married. As with many new relationships, there were some hard times to work through and some bumps to get over. Over the past three years, I have watched Dennis fall deeper in love with Ashley and her grow and mature into a such a fine young lady. Not only do they have a strong marriage but Tyler and Ashley have grown very close. Now, the baby, Adam is finding his place in the family of four. He is walking and beginning to talk. If I remember right, I believe I heard that Grandpa was his first word. Adam, now around 18 months, is getting where he is not so afraid of me. I think he still remembers how his Grandpa was willing to let him cry himself to sleep.

I am very proud of Dennis. He is a great husband, dad, man, hard worker, and a son that any dad would be glad to have. Ashley is one of my four girls and is also very special to me. She is a necessary part of this family and I am so happy that the two of them dedicated themselves to do whatever it took to make their marriage work. For that hard work, they are being rewarded with a strong foundation that has been built, one brick at a time.

Dennis, thanks for being such a good son. Ashley, thanks for being such a good daughter. May God bless your marriage and family and as you grow together during each of the coming years, may you also grow in your relationships with the Lord. His hand is definitely upon the two of you and I see Him working in your lives. He has taken "two" and made "one".


  1. Thank you so much for this! It is so awesome to hear and read what the most important people in you life really think of you! And your so right Adam's first word was grandpa! But is sounded like Hot!

    And I forgot that you came to safeway and saw use throwing that glove around. It was Dennis' glove that he had for work and we rolled it into a ball. I was so scared I thought I was going to get in trouble because I didn't know you, but then he told me later that it was just you! And thank you once again for everything you have done for us. I'm so glad to be in this family!

  2. Dad thank you for those kind words for us. Your are so right when saying at first it was very difficult for us, even more difficult than anyone will ever know. I feel for the first time in my life I have that forever kind of love where I look forward to growing old with her. Of course, I will get there sooner than her. Dad I want to thank you for being there for me and Tyler the last 11 years. I know it has been a very wild ride for everyone involed but I am alot wiser now and I feel like I am very blessed with my family to where I wouldn't change a thing. Also, there is no way I would of made it through all of what we have been through if it wasn't for you and Sandee. We are going to start going back to the Babtist church on main street again. I am looking forward to it. Dad, I couldn't of ever hoped for a better dad than you and I want you to know that I love you very much.
    Your Son,

  3. It has been incredible to see, even from a distance, how God has brought these two together and how He continues to grow them as a couple. I know that they have persevered through some difficult times that most people would have thrown in the towel over. Seeing them choose to work through those times despite what everyone was thinking and saying is an amazing testimony to their love for one another and their desire to do what's right.
    Dennis has been such a precious part of my life. We fought like any brother and sister does growing up, but I always admired his sensitive heart. As I grew older, I got regular encouragement and laughter from Dennis. He would see me crying and write me kind, caring letters. He never has failed to tell me he loves me, something that most men are too proud to do. I have wanted him to be happy for so long and have been so frustrated during the times it seemed he was facing more than he deserved in life. Seeing him find happiness with Ashley is priceless!
    The few times I've been around Ashley or spoken to her, I have learned how genuine, loving, and caring she is. She clearly loves her role as mother and takes it very seriously. As much as I love Tyler and care about him, it does my heart so much good to know he has a consistent, loving female figure in his life at last. I know he loves Ashley and that is such an answer to prayer. I'm so proud of Ashley for everything she's done so well at such an early age and under such challenging circumstances.
    Dennis, I'm so glad to hear you're getting plugged into the church again. I hope that it turns out a good experience for you and that you both are able to learn and grow in the Lord even more. Love you both