Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Healthcare With Bandaids

We are once, or twice again reminded of how our leaders in Washington either think we are stupid, or not paying attention, or that we do not care what they do.

Hairy Reed made a big announcement late today that the cRats have reached agreement for compromise on a Senate version of healthcare legislation. (First of all, take note that this compromise was not between cRats and iCan'ts, but was between liberal and moderate cRats.) The iCan'ts do not get a say in this process.

You may think that calling Republ-iCans, iCan'ts; is not fair since they have been excluded from the whole process by the cRats. Well, not so fast with the sympathy. Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is the Minority Whip in the Senate. He is one of the top dogs for the iCan'ts. He was recently asked what the Republican strategy is for dealing with the Democrat's version of healthcare in the Senate. His answer helps explain why we are in trouble. He said that the strategy is to propose amendments to the bill to try to make it better. (WHAT???? - Are you kidding me????)
Yes, the iCan'ts do not have the muscle or backbone to literally fight to stop the bill and save all of us from this coming train wreck. All they are trying to do is stick a few bandaids on the bill, here and there, where they think it hurts. The apparent goal - let it pass but be able to go back home and claim that we fought to make it better.

Well, how are the bandaids working for you, so far? Not so good! This morning, the Senate voted on one of those bandaid amendments. It would have placed some restriction on funding abortions with taxpayer money. The bandaid failed to pass by a vote of 54-45. But, at least they tried to make it better! For that, we should all send them money and work for their re-election next time.

The "strategy" should be to do whatever it takes to kill this bill. Do not try to fix it with failed amendments, KILL IT! We do not want Washington running the healthcare industry.

A couple weeks ago, the House passed their version of the bill. Queen Nancy did whatever it took and spent whatever amount of our money was needed to buy the votes to barely pass this monster. (By monster, I mean the bill, not the Queen.) One example was $300,000,000 to one district for the Representative to use to buy votes from her voters back home.

Now, Hairy Reed is doing the same thing in the Senate - whatever it takes and whatever it costs of our money. So, what was the big compromise he had to give in order to bring moderate cRats into the trap? Details will probably not be made public until after the vote. The Senators will probably be faced with voting, again, on a bill they have not read and do not know its contents, provisions, or amendments. Some parts of the compromise have leaked out. They include dropping the "Public Option" and expanding Medicare to cover those 55 and older.

Yes, we are against the "public option" concept so you might think WE WON! This is where the part comes in where they think we are stupid. Do not think for a minute that a government run healthcare plan will not include the government controlling the healthcare system, the insurance, the benefits, the premiums (yes, the money and power and control). Whatever gets voted on in the Senate will not be the final version of the bill. There is no way the cRats will settle for private insurance companies controlling the premiums and benefits. No way!

This is just a move to get the votes needed to pass this out of the Senate. Once that is done, one of two things will happen. First, the House and Senate leaders will convene a committee to "work out the differences between the versions passed in each chamber of congress." The House version has "public option". So, either it will be added back at that time before going back to both houses for final vote; or they will add it back to the new law, once passed, by making it an amendment attached to some other bill that they know will pass. They will get it one way or another.

Yes, we are paying attention! Yes, we do care! And, yes, we are smart enough to see right through these anti-American thugs and crooks shoving this down our throats!

That is why the iCan'ts are so pathetic. They know what will happen and they are not fighting to kill the bill. They just want to try to fix some aspects with a few bandaids. My opinion - POOP on them!

As to expanding Medicare to cover those of ten more years, my first question would be, "did you keep the part of the bill where funding for Medicare will be cut by half a trillion dollars?" Don't you know that we can all look forward to great medical care in our older years!

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