Friday, December 4, 2009

JOBS!!! (Part Two)

(Read Part One, below, first.)

As mentioned, BO appears to be focused on the concept of "creating jobs". This is part of the problem - wrong focus. He made a speech, this week, where he basically blamed "small business" as being the problem for the high unemployment figures. He said that small business owners were finding new ways to get more productivity out of existing workers, resulting in profits for the owners, instead of hiring additional help. Shame, shame on them! How dare business owners find new ways to make profit. Don't they realize that their goal should be the betterment of the masses at their expense?

What do I mean by the wrong focus in "creating jobs"? First of all, how does the government create a job? One of two ways, either they add more people to the government payroll or they come up with some "busy-work" project somewhere. These are not the type of jobs that usually result in permanent employment or careers or even good pay. They have one purpose, get the numbers down so progress can be claimed. For the workers, it is a temporary bandaid.

By focusing on creating jobs, we are missing the point and the solution. The goal should not be to create jobs. Jobs are a natural by-product of a growing economy. As a business begins to prosper, they grow and they hire more help. Bingo! Jobs are created. When business is over-burdened by taxes, regulations, fear of what the government will do next; they hold back hiring more help. We have a economic climate in America that is anti-business and growth. That is the problem and solving that problem will bring the solution to the jobs issue. Do not focus on jobs, focus on what can be done to improve the business situation.

If you want to create something, create a healthy climate conducive to economic growth. Do what Reagan did - it worked! Lower taxes to start with. Reduce government regulation and the burden from being squeezed on every side by one agency or another. Encourage innovation and invention. Reach for the stars as Kennedy did with the space program. By the way, Kennedy also promoted reduction in taxes to stimulate the economy. Stop the massive spending spree by our government. This robs the economy of available funds and makes business growth more difficult and expensive. Encourage those companies who moved jobs overseas to bring them back. Give them a reason to believe that America is the best place to call home.

It's not rocket science, folks! BO did not need a summit of his cronies to figure out how to create jobs. He has no real intention of solving that problem. How do I know this? Everything he is doing and has done since last January has been just the opposite of what was needed to stimulate the economy. His interest is not in creating a healthy economy, it is in creating a dependant society; one where more and more citizens look to Washington (and especially the cRats) for their needs being met. This creates a larger "entitlement" class of people who will vote to keep those who give and give to them in office.

It's a grand scheme for more power and control. BO and his buddies are not dumb. They know exactly what they are doing and it is working just fine, according to reaching their real goal.

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