Monday, December 28, 2009

Trash Can - Part Whatever

Welcome to another version of the trash can - a collection of political items of interest and concern.

1. Janet Nappy, Secretary of Homeland Security, continues to endear herself to the American people. Most of you are aware that a terrorist attempted to blow up a plane with around 300 people on board on Christmas day. As the airliner was getting near Detroit, after flying across the Atlantic, an Arab passenger tried to ignite an explosive device. Between his incompetence and the action of passengers, his plan failed to kill everyone.

Secretary Nappy made an announcement that all systems functioned as designed. She believes that her department did its job because the passengers and crew took appropriate action and her department had other planes in the air notified to be watchful. Typical of Nappy, she believes all went well because the plane did not explode.

My humble opinion - all did not go well! This Arab had been reported to the US by his own dad. He had known terrorist ties and was on a watch list for Homeland Security. HS failed to put him on a no-fly list because none of his prior threats involved an airliner.

Let me see if I understand this right. HS puts names on the no-fly list AFTER they try to attack an airliner. The fact that he is a known terrorist is not an issue. The fact that his own dad was so concerned about the danger he posed, was not an issue. This if valuable information to other terrorists who want to bring down a jet load of people. All you need to do is be successful on your first try. HS will let you fly until you try!

If HS had worked properly, this guy would not have been on a plane.

2. The government is getting ready to impose another "sin tax". A "sin tax" is a tax on a product or activity that big brother has determined is bad for us or unhealthy for us. Examples are federal taxes on cigarettes. Recently, big brother has suggested a federal tax on cola products. Now, they are going to tax the use of tanning beds. Yes, tanning beds are the latest target.

3. Hawaii is not exempt for budget woes. Their state government is cutting expenses in an attempt to balance the budget. One of the areas cut is education. To help deal with the education shortfall, they have imposed 17 furlough Fridays in addition to Wednesdays being half days of school. Yes, the kids only go to school for 3.5 days per week for 17 of the school weeks.

4. On Christmas Eve, the Senate voted to pass the healthcare bill. In order to get all of the cRats lined up to vote for this monster bill, several were paid off with our money. Senator Nelson (D-Nebraska) held out until he received a sweetheart deal. The bill requires all of the states to expand their Medicaid plans so that they cover more people. Nelson was told by his Governor that the state could not afford to take on more Medicaid expense. So, in order to get his vote, Hairy Reed added language to the bill that protects Nebraska from having to pay for the Medicaid program, FOREVER. Yes, one state will get their Medicaid program paid for by all of the other 49 states, FOREVER.

Other Senators received their share of our money. Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) received $500,000,000 even though his vote was never in doubt. Senator Chriss Dodd (D-?) got $100,000,000. And there were others. Hairy Reed made a speech that the Senators did their jobs in getting as much for their states as they could. He basically stated that the Senators who did not sell their vote did not do justice for their people back home.

5. As BO prepares to close Gitmo prison, the politicians in Illinois have been making public statements telling us all why bringing these bad guys to our soil is actually a good thing. The reason we should not object is that more prisoners in our prisons translates to "jobs created". Yep, endangering all of us by having sworn enemies brought within our borders, on purpose, is a good thing because it will create more corrections officer positions.

Evidently, BO's plan to spur the economy is to create an environment where there are more people in prison. Do the crime, create a job!

I have an idea! Why don't we round up all of the illegal aliens and arrest them? This will solve two problems. First, the job they hold now (you know, the ones that Americans will not do) will be opened up for an American to take. Second, putting them in jail will pad BO's "jobs created" numbers and make him look like a genius.

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