Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Final Parting!

You may have heard those words before. They are usually associated with bad or sad news. This article is no exception. I have bad news!

Today, I went to the barber shop for a haircut. A new barber was there and she cut my hair. As she was not familiar with me and my desires, she would ask me questions as she went. As I was paying attention to what she was doing and where she was working, I was waiting to make sure she did not ignore the top of my head. My experience had been, recently, that my regular barber would finish without even touching the top of my head. I have no idea why, because she still wanted a full $10 fee. As I was able to do maintenance at home, this was not a big deal; but, this time I wanted the barber to make sure my top hairs were not too long. I am not a real big fan of the "comb-over" look.

When she finished the sides and back, before I could say anything, she asked me, "Do you want me to do something about the fuzz on top?" WHAT?! "FUZZ"?! I wanted my HAIR cut!

Well, not to hurt her feelings (remember, she is new), I answered, "Yes." The next thing I knew, she was using electric clippers to buzz my fuzz. Yep, the top hair is totally gone, now, both of them!

I used to have hair above my side part. Today, I parted with the part. Nothing for a good four inches across the top. When I got home and looked in the mirror, I realized that I now have a "Dan-do".

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  1. Mark and I are cracking up. This may be a good, humbling experience for you. I think it may have been this way for quite some time. You might be the last one to notice.