Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Coming Jewish Ghetto

How many times will the Jewish people be confined to ghettos?

How did this all start? Why are the Jews under constant persecution from just about everyone else? From Old Testament times the "chosen people" have had trouble maintaining a homeland. They were exiled to Egypt, dominated by the Romans, scattered abroad with no place to call home. They spent centuries without the the right to call Israel - the place God promised to them - their home. In recent history, while scattered among the nations, they endured the wrath of the Nazis. Those who escaped or survived were rewarded with an international solution in the late 1940's. Israel was re-established as the nation for the homeland of the Jews. This was the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy. Jews from around the world migrated to Israel - their home.

Around 1516, in Venice, the Jews were required to live in a certain area. This is the first use of the ghetto as a description for a containment of the Jews. As Hitler began his hate-filled persecution of the Jews in Europe, during the 1930's and into the 1940's; they were rounded up and forced to live in crowded conditions in various cities in walled areas referred to as ghettos. This time, the cure from the ghetto was worse than the disease. As concentration camps could handle the volume of humankind who were relegated to their confines, the "final solution" was being exercised as fast as the gas chambers, mass executions, starvation, disease, and ovens could deal with the sheer masses.

Arising from the Holocaust, a people began to go "home". For the first time in their lives, they had a homeland. Israel belonged to the Jews-per United Nations mandate.

As you can imagine, this was not good news to everyone. Basically, all of their neighbors were less than neighborly. Israel, with approximately 10,000 square miles of territory (which is comparable to Maricopa County in Arizona), is fairly small. It is home to approximately 6.5 million people, of which about 5.5 million are Jews (which just happens to be less than the number murdered by the Nazis during WWII). Other than on the west side, where it borders the Mediterranean Sea, it is surrounded by Arab nations. In these countries, the large majority of the population are Muslim with approximately 230,000,000.

In order to preserve Israel as the Jewish homeland, they have had to fight the Arabs in several wars and deal with terrorist attacks and rocket attacks as almost a way of life. Until Obama became President, the U.S. was the strongest ally Israel had. Currently, Israel is pretty much on its own. Now, no matter what action Israel takes, the rest of the world condemns it. They are expected to not protect or defend themselves against aggressive actions of their sworn enemies. They are being pressured to give up nuclear weapons, which they have for self-protection as a deterrent to belligerent action of others.

The recent news of the attempt to break the blockade of Gaza and the Israeli response has further unified the rest of the world, including the Obama administration, against Israel. Much of the Liberals and major media outlets in America tend to paint Israel as the aggressor and occupier. There are continuous demands on Israel to accept peace treaty terms, which, for some reason, always tend to favor the Arabs. Even when the Israeli government has accepted such terms, their enemy never agrees and never accepts the Jews as legitimate neighbors.

One of the main "peace" proposals currently being pushed on Israel from Obama and others, includes a plan to split Israel. The pro-Arab group considers it unfair to have Gaza (on the Mediterranean Sea and west border of Israel divided from the Arab territory of The West Bank, which is on the east border of Israel. So, their solution is to divide the nation of Israel and join Gaza with the West Bank. The fact that the result would then be an Arab controlled area between the north and south parts of Israel does not seem to be of concern.

Even though Israel is surrounded by Arab nations, the Palestinian Arabs will only be satisfied with taking Israel back from the Jews. The demands on Israel to continually concede more and more space to the Palestinians and the plan to divide north and south Israel further diminish the territorial homeland.

At some point in time, based on the direction things are headed, the Jews will be confined to two ghettos - one to the north and one to the south. Do you think that the Arabs and/or Muslims will then be content? Of course not! They will not be content with that part of the world while Jews occupy any portion.

When will the USA step forward, again, and support Israel and her right to be at peace in their own country? Well, from recent happenings, not anytime soon. Although widely condemned, Helen Thomas openly expressed the anti-Semitic (hostility towards and prejudice against the Jews) attitude that not only exists in much of the world but is rising within our borders. Her outrageous comments demonstrate a level of hatred and stupidity that has not been openly expressed by many here, prior to this. What she did was put an ugliness to the once hidden face of anti-Semitism in America.

Where are we headed, as a former ally of Israel? Based on the Bible, Israel will survive with the protection of God and the USA will evidently disappear from the scene.

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