Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Garbage Can

Much is happening on the political stage, so much so that it is time for another episode of the trash can.

1. Border Security - Currently, in Pinal County jail in AZ, there are illegal aliens from seven different Arab (or Muslim) countries.

2. Abortion - Over the past six years, the US government has handed over $2.3 billion of your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. They were recently audited and could only account for how and where $657 million was spent. The other $1.6 billion has apparently disappeared.

3. Army - June 14th was the 235th anniversary of the US Army. First year was 1775.

4. Taxes - Obama just pledged millions of your tax money to Gaza for building homes, etc.

5. Obama's friends - William (Bill) Ayers is one of Obama's friends. This guy, along with the Weather Underground organization, launched an attack on the U.S. in the 1960's and 1970's. Mr. Ayers was charged with some bombings but got away with it due to a technical error in court proceedings. Back at that time, there were around 250,000,000 people in the U.S. Their goal was to take over the U.S. and to "re-educate" the masses. They were prepared to eliminate (kill) 10% of the population that they believed would not be re-educated. That is 25,000,000 citizens that they were willing to kill in order to eliminate any resistance to their goals. This information is from an interview with a former FBI agent who infiltrated the group.

6. Obama's friends - Van Jones, another Obama associate, recently claimed that he believes the U.S. is at a turning point, right now. The radical Left believes America is tipping over in a direction that the radicals desire.

7. Illegal Immigration - The Secretary of the Department of Labor made a TV commercial encouraging employees, both "documented and undocumented" to contact the DOL if they believe they have been treated unfairly in wages. In other words, our Federal Government is offering to help illegal aliens sue employers.

8. Illegal Immigration - Jon Kyl, Senator from AZ, told a crowd that he had had the opportunity to meet, one-on-one, with Obama concerning the open border between AZ and Mexico. Kyl told the crowd that Obama explained why he was not going to secure the border. He said that if he secures the border then the Republicans would have no reason to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. So, Obama is holding us all hostage to open borders and illegal immigration, on purpose, in order for him to have leverage to get passed his amnesty plan.

9. Dollars - For the year of 2009, the U.S. has 2.8 million millionaires.

10. Illegal Immigration - A plan has come to light in Washington. Obama has sent a plan to the Department of Homeland Security, laying out how he is considering a "blanket amnesty" to all illegal aliens in our country, done by an Executive Order. This is what he is considering as a way to get millions of additional Democrat voters signed up, if Congress fails to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill.

So, this is the "Change" we have been waiting for?

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