Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comprehensive Government Reform

"Everyone agreed..."

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are too big to fail!
We must pass the TARP funds by Friday or the national economy will collapse!
Wall Street firms are too big to fail!
We must pass the Stimulus Bill to create or save four million jobs!
Global warming will kill the polar bears, melt the ice caps, flood coastal cities and basically kill everyone and everything forever!
We must bail out Europe so they do not fail!
We must reject our support of Israel!
We must fight wars passively!
We must not have the means to defend ourselves!
We must take over General Motors and Chrysler!
We must bail out all of the union pension fund accounts!
We must pass a national takeover of our health care system!
Due to the oil spill, we must pass Cap and Trade controls!
Due to spending, we must raise taxes on everyone and everything!
Due to Arizona, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform!
We must pass a bill for the takeover of our financial sector!
We must not close the border with Mexico!
We must not let common sense measures take place to improve the oil spill!
We must blame everything that we do not like on G.W. Bush!
We must not question terrorists for information they may have!
We must not call terrorists, terrorists!
We must not fight to win our wars!
We must not obey our Constitution!
We must use Executive authority to grant blanket amnesty to illegal aliens!
We must use Czars that are only accountable to Obama!
We must socialize America!
We must restrict freedom of speech!
We must pass the "Fairness Doctrine" to limit conservative talk radio!
We must expand gun control!
We must control everyone and everything!
We must redistribute the wealth!
We must spend, spend, spend and borrow, borrow, borrow!
We must.......

We are watching, on a daily basis, the utter destruction of America as we have known it. The war to destroy the Republic (anyway, what is left of it) is coming from within, not from foreign soil. The above list is a partial accounting of what has happened in the past two years. These measures have not helped save America or it's economy or our way of life, they are designed to systematically disable capitalism and to restrict liberty. They will ultimately, if not reversed very soon, destroy the greatness of our nation.

We did not and do not need the above government interference and regulation. What we do need is less government, less taxes, less regulation; and more freedom, encouragement and opportunity to pursue the happiness guaranteed to each citizen.

What we desperately need is comprehensive reform of our government! It begins with the election, this year. We the people must send the professional politicians back home and take control back of an out-of-control Washington. They have awakened a sleeping giant that has been busy living their private lives across America. They wanted CHANGE, they are going to get it!

Remember, they were at war with us, but we were not at war with them! That has changed! Winning is everything! If the Right does not win control of Congress this year, the losses will be irreversible two to four years down the road.

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