Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not So Fast!

Have you ever been sucked into agreement through sly wording, manipulation, or mob rule? Have you noticed how some people, who are trying to gain advantage or push an agenda, try to make it sound like he has total consensus? He will begin his pitch with something like, "Everyone agrees...", or "The experts all agree...".

This is the way Al Gore begins many of his speeches, something like, "There is complete consensus among scientists that climate change (i.e. global warming) is a serious threat."

"Everyone agrees that the health care system is broken..."

When the argument begins with "everyone agrees"; but you do not, it puts you at a considerable disadvantage because the stage has been set that the "fact" is unanimous and you are the only one who has not seen the light, yet.

Well, it recently dawned on me that this same technique is being used on all of us and no one seems to be challenging the premise. Have you heard this statement, "Everyone agrees that the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed."

Take a step back and ask the question, is the U.S. immigration system broken? Is it broken and in need of total retooling, or is there another problem? It seems that many of us have bought the premise that the system is broken and we must pass another law (comprehensive immigration reform with amnesty for illegals already here) in order to get a handle on the problems we are facing.

I believe that we are being fed another manipulative line. The Left and many on the Right are all singing the same tune. All we hear is that the immigration system is broken and the only argument is on what needs to be done to fix the system. One thing that everyone agrees on is that we have a problem, but what is the problem? We have immigration laws already on the books. We have several guest worker programs that worked for many years. We have some who legally come to America through the current system.

The real problem is the lack of political will in Washington to enforce the current laws. Politicians realize that the citizens would not accept a general amnesty for those who broke the laws unless they can include this as a part of a broader solution to "the problem".

We could complete an adequate fence on the Mexican border. We could train and fund an adequate number of border agents to properly guard our border. We have the technology to use along the border to detect those who attempt to cross. We could increase the number of workers allowed under guest worker programs. We could enforce the laws that target those who hire illegal aliens. We could deny those here illegally from obtaining taxpayer funded benefits. None of this takes another law or changing a broken system. All it takes is the political will to enforce the laws and build the fence.

Next time you hear, "Everyone agrees...", tell them, "Not so fast!" It's OK to be disagreeable!

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