Monday, February 15, 2010

War Journal - Feb. 15, 1945

Results of mid-air collision. Propeller from another plane ripped through about 8ft of this wing. The plane flew 400 miles like this. Strange is the one on the wing.

Got back here late last night. Our squadrons made two missions while we were gone yesterday. Lost two ships yesterday but the crew from one is known to be safe. Today two more ships were lost. Pappas & Kiel flew with other crews today. Pappas' ship got about 35 holes in it. Lee's ship (with Kiel) was hit over the target but are believed to be safe somewhere - we will know tomorrow. The other ship went down over the target in flames. Three of my best friends were in it. - Martin, Singe & Lanston. Four chutes were seen to open - so maybe they are PW's. We are on alert to go out tomorrow but so many ships are shot up it may be impossible.

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  1. Just wanting to let you know I'm reading these posts. Sometimes a comment seems too trite given the content of what Grandpa went through.