Monday, February 8, 2010

Garbage Can

The Garbage Can is a collection of political crap from the past few days. Dig in...

1. After BO gave the State of the Union address, our dear Keith Oberman from MSNBC, stated that BO has to be one of the 1,000 smartest people in America. He was not sure where BO might land in that number, but he has to be in the top 1,000.

2. BO has submitted his new budget for the next fiscal year. You may have heard that it includes the plan to scrap the NASA manned-space program, the return of the US sending a man back to the moon, the planned production of the next generation of Space Shuttles. Instead of NASA proceeding, he wants the US to pay private companies for giving our Astronauts a ride to space. He then wants NASA to become an organization to monitor global warming. This seems to fit right in with his claims of "saving or creating jobs". How many jobs will be lost if he follows through on this hair-brained plan?

3. The terrorists are getting more creative in suicide bombings. First we had the "shoe-bomber" and now we all have to take our shoes off at the airport screening. Recently, we had the "underwear bomber" (what will we have to remove for that screening?). Now, we are being told that they have recruited females as suicide bombers as they are less likely to attract attention or be physically searched. To conceal the explosives, they are being implanted in the breasts, just like an augmentation procedure. Remember, we are dealing with those in the "religion of peace".

4. An older news story recently gained attention, again. In late 2008, the cRats proposed in Congress that the government confiscate all private retirement accounts and place their control under the Social Security Administrator.

5. The Federal Government has given a grant of $3.9 million to a liberal group, which is not surprising. This group is to use the money to create a video game for the purpose of helping public school teachers instruct children (ages 9-14) in morality. While playing the game, each child will be in control of a virtual character (VC) that represents them self. The VC will be presented with opportunities to buy and use drugs and have sex. The hope is that kids will make the right choice and "just say NO!" No need to worry, all kids playing video games always make wise and moral decisions for the characters they are playing. That is why the violent games are such duds on the store shelves.

6. The cRat media are making a bid deal over Sarah Palin having a couple notes written on the palm of her hand for her speech to the Tea Party Convention last Saturday night. They are using this as a way to attack her intelligence. As always, they do not think things through and failed to see how they were setting up BO. He cannot even speak to 6th graders without a TelePrompter. Palin, knowing they are now watching to see if she has notes on her hand, wrote "Hi, Mom" for them to notice.

How is that "hope" and "change" working for you?

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