Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing to Win

We all know the saying, "nothing to lose". The iCan'ts in Congress are in a position, right now, with nothing to win.

With growing public opposition to BO's and the cRats Healthcare plan(s), with division even between the House and Senate versions, with the inability to keep the cRat majority's votes all lined up, and finally with the election of Scott Brown (R)-Massachusetts to a Senate seat previously held by a cRat; the steam-roller process is sunk in the mud. Without some major change or shift of some sort, the current plan to have the federal government take over the nation's health care system and also gain a sizable amount of control in each of our lives, is dead.

As good of news as that is, the battle is not over. We heard various cRats making statements about the demise of Healthcare legislation, but behind the scenes, BO and the cRat leaders are still scheming as to how to resurrect this 2,000 page bill that is on life-support.

I have to hand it to them, they came up with a pretty diabolical proposition. BO has called for a bipartisan summit on Healthcare. He said that he wants to sit down with the iCan'ts (not the word he used) and hear their ideas. He wants to work out the differences in the plans and he still wants to get this monster legislation passed.

Why do I believe this is such a clever move on his part? The media and the Left are constantly calling the Right, "partisan", as if that is something bad. The Right is always being accused of not working with the Left and just being "the party of 'No'". BO has repeatedly announced that the iCan'ts only stand in the way of progress and do not have a plan of their own to present.

The iCan'ts easily get their feelings hurt and do not like any labels from the cRats. So, instead of being proud of standing up with a loud "NO", they seem to be tempted to "reach across the aisle".

There is danger in being sucked into this "bipartisan summit" debate. First, if the iCan'ts just say "no", it will further support the Left's claim that the Right refuses to work with them or have a solution. If they say yes, they will attend, there are other pitfalls. Second, if they resist (as they should) taking any claim to any portion of the Healthcare bill, they again set themselves up for criticism for not compromising. Third, if they offer compromises to improve the bill, they will be expected to then vote for passage of the legislation. If they have input in the wording, then the cRats can legitimately claim it is a bipartisan bill and the Left would not have to shoulder full blame for its contents come election time.

The Left can see that we the people do not want any part of this legislation. They are seeing the fallout in the voting booth over the past couple months. They do not want the voters to be able to only blame them come November.

Right now, the iCan'ts have been acting like iCans. They have to stand their ground and make sure they do not leave any fingerprints on that legislation. We the people want that bill to die a quick death and never see the light of day again. We do not want a compromised version that has been made "not quite as bad" due to their input.

Stay away from any association with this process of passing Healthcare. "Just say, No!" If they will do that, come November, we will just say "Yes!"

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