Friday, February 12, 2010

The Garbage Can

So much is going on in Washington that I found it necessary to issue another Garbage Can posting.

1. During the past few days it has been snowing in the nation's capitol. "Non-essential" federal employees were told to stay home. 240,000 accepted the offer to not go to work. By their own admission, almost a quarter of a million government employees (just in Washington) considered themselves to be "non-essential". If the average cost, to we the people, is $50,000 for each one of them, we the people could save $12,000,000,000 each year by eliminating their non-essential positions. At the same time, there would be 240,000 less bureaucrats messing with our lives. (Did you ever notice that cRats applies to DemocRats as well as bureaucRats?)

2. BO has proposed a spending "freeze" for next year for "non-essential" expenses. As the irony is obvious with the use of that phrase, I will refrain further comment. It is noted that the 2007 budget was $2.7 trillion. The 2010 budget is $3.9 trillion which includes a deficit of $1.6 trillion.

3. Evidently, there are nine Toyota plants in America. They employ hundreds of thousands of workers. Four of the governors who have Toyota plants in their states have written to the BO administration and asked them to stop bashing Toyota.

4. Some good, more local news. Now that Janet Nappy is no longer our governor and we have a iCan in office, Governor Brewer has just pulled Arizona out of the coalition of southwest states whose purpose is to fight global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Michelle Obama has apparently referred to her two girls as being fat. That has got to help how they feel about themselves. I thought BO had placed his daughters as "off limits" for public comment and photos. I guess he forgot to tell his wife that she should not make them the poster children for her new program on childhood obesity. My humble opinion - MO better not look in a mirror.

6. A group of North American Muslim leaders has issued a statement that proclaims that it is against their religion and considered to be against their standards of modesty for a Muslim to be required to pass through the airport security scanning machines. Now that Arab women are being trained for suicide bombing missions and with the recent news that explosives are being used as breast implants on these same women, it just seems to me that respecting this "religion of peace" request might be a little over the top. Not only does this open all of us up to potential terrorism from unscreened passengers, if they give in to this, but it would also give BO a claim to "jobs created" by the vendors at the airports doing "rent-a-berka".

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  1. Crazy. Did Michelle really say that? Are you sure she didn't mean PHAT? I wouldn't consider any of the three (MO included) overweight in the least.