Thursday, July 29, 2010

Remember November!

The next election is less than 100 days from now. Do not take it for granted that the cRats will be swept from office by a bunch of iCans riding in on white horses. (For any Libs that might read this, "white horses" is not a racial comment, that phrase refers to the "good guys", just as the good guy in the old western movie was usually wearing a white hat.)

Not only is it not a "lock" that the iCans will gain some level of power in D.C., it is not even sure they will win their individual seats. The problem lies with two issues: first, too many iCans are honestly iCan'ts. We seem to send to Washington people who are too timid or lack the backbone necessary to stand firm or lack the gumption for a good fight. Second, iCan'ts seem to attack their own harder than they do the enemy. We are known for political cannibalism.

The McCain and Hayworth primary in Arizona is a prime example of this. Many have commented that McCain might be President if the last campaign, against Obama, had of been fought as hard as he is fighting to defeat a Conservative. This primary has been down and dirty, no-punches-held! McCain, it is reported, has spent around $10,000,000 so far in this primary. Much of that money, it is also reported, has been transferred from his failed presidential campaign. Yep, the rough-and-tough Senator from AZ went through the last campaign saving up money, instead of using everything he had to defeat the foe.

Now is a call to action. If there is a way to help a true conservative win the primary and then the general, step up and do what you can. Not everyone can send money to a campaign, but most can do something. Call their offices and see how you can volunteer your time and service. Folks, this is important!

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