Saturday, July 10, 2010

BizarrObama World

I cannot believe it, but things are actually getting more strange by the week. Every time I think that BO and his buddies have pulled the most outrageous thing so far, they take it further. Here are some of the items that hit some of the news sources this week:

1. BO wanted an extreme liberal to run the government's medicare system, which will include the new health care plan recently signed into law. The choice is so vocal about his beliefs and positions that the consensus was that he could not get confirmed by the Senate, even with cRat control. So, BO used a special power of the President. When Congress went home for a summer break, he just appointed the guy.

A president is allowed to appoint someone to a Federal position, if he deems it necessary to get the position filled and Congress is not in session. BO doing this is nothing new. What is bizarro about this appointment is the person appointed.

His positions about medicare and health care: he said, when asked about rationing being in the health care law (remember the accusation by Palin of there being "death panels"), "It is not a question of whether there will be rationing, it is only will we ration with our eyes open." When asked another question about the health care plan, he said, "Healthcare is redistribution." His view of our new and improved health care plan is basically a system to "spread the wealth around" (quoting BO).

2. You may remember seeing the video from the 2008 election cycle of two New Black Panther thugs standing in front of the doors to a polling place, dressed in black para-military uniforms, pounding police batons in their hands, and shouting racial things at white people who wanted to go in and vote. Their goal was to intimidate as many whites as possible to keep them from voting. It worked.

They were charged with voter intimidation, went to trial, were found guilty, and released. A Department of Justice lawyer who was prosecuting these two men and who had obtained a guilty verdict against them, recently quit his job and went public with the following story about how these two racists got away with their crimes. After the verdict, he said that he was told, from the very "top" (whether he meant BO or the Attorney General, I am not sure, but I would imagine the AG would have discussed such a controversial move with BO before making it happen), that the government's charges against these two were being dropped.

I thought that charges were typically dropped prior to court proceedings when it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to get a conviction, not after having a conviction.

The reason that charges were being dropped and these to thugs were being set free is that the DOJ will not prosecute blacks for such crimes.

One of these two New Black Panther members was also caught on video during a rally in 2009. In his talk, where he was yelling into a microphone on a street with many people around, he said, "I hate white people, all of them...if you want peace, you (meaning black men) will have to kill some crackers (white people) and some of their cracker babies."

Isn't it reassuring that our Department of Justice is more concerned about keeping this guy on the street than it is in honest voting or insuring that racial discrimination is not tolerated?

3. Have you heard about the spy swap? The U.S. captured around 11 spies from Russia. Well, since we would not want to make a big show about Russia getting caught spying on us and having trials, we made a deal. We traded the 11 spies back to Russia in exchange for Russia releasing four Russians that they held in prison, who they claim spied for us.

4. The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Arizona. They want to stop our new anti-illegal immigration law from going into effect later this month. Their suit basically charges that AZ has no right to enforce a Federal law that they have chosen to ignore. They say that local law enforcement officers do not have a right to question anyone about their legal status, even when stopping them for other crimes.

Since bank robbery is also a Federal crime, maybe we should stop searching for the robbers and just let the FBI do the job. Also, what is the big deal about asking to see papers for non-citizens? It happens to be Federal law that they are required to carry papers at all times while they are in our country. The conclusion must be that even though they must carry papers, no one is allowed to ask to see those papers. If you ask, you are a racist!

As of today, AZ is fighting seven different legal challenges to our new law. All of this taking place even before the law has taken effect.

5. The last is not the least bizarro. The director of NASA gave an interview to Arab television while he was on a trip to Arab countries. When asked why the director of NASA was in Arab countries, he answered that the president had instructed him (the head of NASA!!!!) to make it his top priority to reach out to the Muslim nations and make them feel good about themselves for their past contribution to science and math.

First, what part of "Space" does Arabia fit into? Second, what part of "Space" involves physco-babel, self-esteem for foreigners? Third, what science and math contributions?

BO and his buddies are making the USA a laughing-stock to the rest of the world. They must be sitting back and having one belly-laugh after another at BO and his gross incompetence and even grosser arrogance.

How on earth (or space) did we get here? How could this guy ever get elected dog catcher, much less president. Just wondering, is there something wrong with his neck that makes his big nose stick up in the air whenever he is in public? How did we get here? We were asleep at the voter wheel for decades. We were negligent at PTA meetings. We were glad to let government take over some of our responsibilities. We accepted Federal money, which always came with strings attached. We were content to let others stand up and fight against the wrongs imposed upon us by our government. We did not fight when others had their rights stripped away. We were negligent in researching candidates pasts and positions. We believed what the media fed us on the nightly news. We were not diligent in checking out the public schools to make sure our children were not being indoctrinated. We let unions take too much control. We were shy when it came to making sure various races were treated equal and no race gained favor. We fell for the propaganda that divided and conquered us.

Also, we did not realize that while we were not at war with them, they were at war with us.

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  1. These "update" style posts are my favorite. Not meant to be funny, I'm sure, but I have to laugh. Some of the things are so outrageous, they seem made up. Thanks for keeping me informed.