Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Trash Can

Another posting of various political items of interest:

1. Sen. Lindsey Graham (Rhino) asked Janet Nappy, "Is the border secure?" After she tried to redirect her statement to something else, he asked her again. She then said that this is a hard question to answer. He told her that it is a simple question that only requires a yes or no answer. So, he asked her again, "Is the border secure?" Nappy's answer, "That's not a fair question."

When Nappy was the Gov of AZ and Bush was the Pres in DC, she had the same concern (at least outwardly) as she believed taking a stance against open borders was politically savvy. Now that the border is her responsibility, she promotes an open border, has taken steps to weaken enforcement and has stopped the building of a fence.

The question was "not a fair question" only because a truthful answer would publicly be an admission of the failed federal policies. A "fair question" would have made her and BO look good and that is the only type of question the media is supposed to ask. Her problem, this time, was that it was not the media asking, but a Senator who sees an opportunity to ride a popular wave.

2. Have I told you that NY is bailing out the "off-track betting" industry? Yes, it is true!

3. Get ready for "Cap and Trade" environmental legislation. The Dems have this on the agenda and fully intend to get it into law, one way or another.

One provision in this bill - there will be a tax on newly or redeveloped parcels of land. The tax will be on the amount of rain water runoff and will be enforced by the EPA.

Another provision - beginning one year after passage, government approved and trained inspectors will come to do an inspection on your house. This will be mandatory before you will be allowed to sell your house. The inspector will rate your home for how environmental efficient it is. Your insulation, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, windows and appliances will all be graded. The home will receive an overall rating. If the rating is not up to the standard that Washington will establish, you will not be allowed to sell your home before you bring it up to these standards.

These are serious, but they are not even the most serious problems with this bill. The more serious aspects will tax businesses out of existence and place much more control over our economy in the hands of the Federal Government.

4. Do you want Puerto Rico to be the 51st state? Tomorrow, the House will vote on a bill that, if passed, would require a "yes" or "no" vote by the residents of PR. Three times in the past, PR has voted against becoming a state. This bill would change the wording so that the question will not be whether or not they want to become a state, but, will ask them to vote on whether or not they want to maintain their current status. A "no" vote could mean various things to the voters but will be accepted as a "yes" vote in DC as to PR wanting to be a state.

Why do the Dems want PR to be a state? The simple answer is "votes". The Left is confident that PR will send two more Dems to the Senate and more Dems to the House. It is all about the Left maintaining power and control.

This bill has been set up so that anyone who opposes it in Congress will be called a racist.

This is being pushed by a political party in PR who wants "statehood" and "social justice".

5. Home foreclosures in AZ, in February, amounted to one house out of every 162. Only Nevada has a higher rate.

6. BO "no new taxes" on anyone who makes less than $250,000 per year. Remember that promise made over and over again in the campaign? How about the one, "everyone who makes less than $100,000 per year will get a tax cut"?

His "tax cut" amounted to a change in the withholding tables so that the net amount in a pay check was slightly higher. As I warned at that time, that is not a tax cut, but a tax deferral. Now, the IRS has issued a warning to employees that tells them to go to their employer and increase their withholding so that they will have enough withheld to cover their tax bill.

Various new laws that have already been passed have new taxes, so his other promise has also been broken. But, BO is not through. On the table, right now, is a Value Added Tax (VAT), which is a national sales tax. The Right has considered this in the past as an alternative to the Income Tax. The Left wants the VAT in addition to the current Income Tax. Not only that, but next year everyone's Income Taxes will go up with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

7. AZ has a new anti-illegal immigration law that will take effect this summer. Even though no one is enforcing the law that is not in effect, yet; we are hearing of made-up examples of how Hispanics have already been victims of this new law. This law is for AZ alone, but you would not know that by the reaction across the country and from other countries. The loud voices in the media are crying foul with the same old tag, "racist". This law is so bad that three more states have announced that they want a law like this.

BO has weighed in against this law and belittled it and launched his administration against it, trying to find a way to stop it from taking effect. Why? Because BO and the others on the Left know they need the vote of illegals in order to have a better chance of winning elections. If laws like this one spread across the nation, many of the illegal aliens will go home and not be here to illegally vote.

Folks, the good ol' US of A is past being on a slippery slope, it is almost in a free-fall.

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