Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Small Step for Man...

Most of us know the last half of the line, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". These words were uttered for the whole world to hear as the first human foot stepped onto the surface of the moon.

Currently, we have a new ending for the first line, One small step for man, one giant kick in the gut by your government." For the past 14 months, we have been bombarded with non-stop attacks on a daily basis. These attacks are not from a foreign enemy, they are domestic. If they were foreign, we Americans have always been able to come together and put up a good fight, but they are not. The American way of life is under attack from other Americans who want to see "change". Instead of bringing us together, the attacks are designed to drive us apart. There is a giant chasm forming in America, between the Right and the Left. Anyone who considers himself to be a "moderate" or an "undecided" is either having to choose sides or they are being swallowed up by the black hole in the middle.

The modern political discourse has gone far beyond gentlemen's disagreements or fundamental differences in views. America is engaged in a political war. From the correspondent's vantage point, it appears that it is going to be a "winner take all" outcome.

If someone had told me that America was about to be reshaped, I would have hoped that the exercise would result in a slimmed down version of the glutton that government had become. But, no, we are getting a government who only knows how to binge. They binge on the results of the hard work of their citizens. Their appetite only increases as they devour one foe after another, take over one industry after another, and impose one tax after another. They are getting so darn fat that if there ever is a purge, hope you are on vacation in Alaska at the time - it will be ugly!

I have written about the second American Revolution (ARII). We are smack dab in the middle of it, like it our not. So far, the only thing missing is the shot heard around the world. We have the government imposing new regulations and taxes. We have the protests. We have a Tea Party. We have many Paul Reveres sounding the alarm.

The administration and congressional leadership has clearly shown that they have no intention on yielding to the will of the majority of the people or following the restrictions of the Constitution. That rules out a democracy (rule by majority) and a republic (rule by law). Where does that leave us? We have a tyrant of a President who resembles more of a dictator and ruler than a public servant of the people. We are experiencing rule by force and bribery. If you stand in the way of this guy and his cronies, they will try to run right over you. If you support this guy, you will be rewarded with a bailout.

Elections do have consequences, as we are so often reminded by Senator McCain. (I wish he would follow the lead of the Ford Maverick and go into retirement.) We have an entitlement-minded Left who has been dumbed-down to a point of believing hollow rhetoric slogans such as "hope and change" and "yes we can". We have a racist bunch of idiots whose excitement over a man is based on the color of his skin instead of the content of his character.

Folks, we are in a mess and it is getting worse by the day. If the Right does not treat this as a war for the very survival of a free America, we will lose. The Republic will be lost forever and along with it, our liberties.

We have six months to fight this war. Come November, we either send the Left home or we lose. It is "winner-take-all"!!! The future of our country hangs on this next election. During these months, there will be numerous battles. We must be ready to do what it takes to fight and win a good deal of them. Our enemy has demonstrated that they will not hold anything back-they do have the attitude that "winning is everything" and they will do whatever they have to do in order to win. If we do not take it as serious as they are, we will lose. If we on the Right split our vote, we will lose.

The pep rally is over, it's time to sing the "Fight Song"!

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