Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dumpster

There has been too much going on lately to be able to place it all in another episode of "The Garbage Can", so this time I rented a dumpster.

1. The US and Russia have just entered into a new nuclear arms reduction treaty. BO agreed to limit our weapons far below current levels and also restrict our means of delivering those weapons. Hillarious Clinton (HC) was more than likely in charge of our major give-away negotiations.

We have also made an announcement from the BO administration (BOA). HC said that the US is declaring that we will no longer consider using nuclear weapons against any country that does not also possess the ability to use them on us. In other words, we are announcing to the world that if any of the countries or terrorists from their countries detonate a weapon of mass destruction that is non-nuclear in nature, we will restrict our response. What did we get in return for such a concession? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

The result is that we have just accepted a weakened position of national defense while informing our enemies that if they attack us in certain ways, our response will be minimized.

2. Terry Goddard, the Attorney General of Arizona, has just resigned to enter the race for Governor. As typical cRats do, in his first official speech as a candidate, he proclaimed that he would tax us more. But, also as taxers do, he let us know that he will tax the rich. He laid out a couple examples: tax country club memberships and tax elective cosmetic surgery. cRats believe that the general population will not oppose taxes that do not directly affect them. The problem is that they are usually right in their assumption.

Why are we like that? Can't we see that a right lost to one segment of our population is a whittling away at all our our rights? When they tax "the rich", it affects all of us in a negative way. When they prohibit "assault rifles", it limits our Second Amendment rights. You might be thinking that it is fine with you if they do this because, "Who would really 'need' to own an assault rifle?" If that is your thought, you are missing the point. The Constitution lays out certain rights that We the People have, that the government is not allowed to take away from us. The bureaucrats know that if they cut off a very small portion of one of our rights, one that means nothing to the large majority of us, that we will not complain. Then they will come back and tell us that we cannot carry a handgun. This affects more of us, but maybe not you, so you do not complain. You drink the Koolaid and believe that this move will make us safer. As you have lost your ability of critical thinking, you do not realize that criminals will not obey a ban on handguns, only the "law-abiding" citizens will turn in their pistols. This, in turn, makes the "good guys" vulnerable to the "bad guys", who are now more aggressive because they can be pretty sure the victim is unarmed. A stealing of even a small part of one of our rights is a full-frontal attack on all of We the People.

3. The BOA has announced a punitive fine on Toyota of $60,000,000. This, they say, is due to Toyota not giving the BOA proper notice of a possible acceleration problem with their cars.

Is this a spanking that is meant for their own good or are there ulterior motives? First of all, it takes away from a successful company and gives to the BOA a large chunk of change. Second, it hurts Toyota, who competes with GM and Chrysler, who are both government owned and controlled.

4. AZ just followed the example of Montana. We passed a gun law that tells the Federal government to "butt-out". We are claiming that the Feds have no right to legislate or regulate the manufacture or sale of weapons made in Arizona and sold within our state.

We also have in the legislative process a bill that would allow the carrying of a concealed weapon without a special permit, as long as other laws are not forbidding you from having that weapon.

5. Hairy Reed just responded, when asked why the government passed healthcare against the wishes of the people; that now that we have it as a law, most people like it. It was just a "loud minority" who opposed the bill.

I always thought that when you had more than half, that was called a majority, not a minority... Well, I must be wrong, because he is Hairy, not me.

6. As soon as Congress left D.C. for the Easter break (side note: why is it that only students and politicians get Easter/Spring breaks?), BO made 15 "recess appointments". (There it is again! Politicians and school kids get recess.) Two of these appointments, which will not have to be confirmed by the Senate (which the cRats control and BO still was wary about trying to get confirmation for some of his radical friends) are to the National Labor Relations Board. Both of these guys are pro-union and they oppose the employees having a right to a "secret ballot".

The national Chamber of Commerce issued a warning to businesses, stating that we better get ready and prepare ourselves for a period of time where it will be harder for US companies to compete.

7. Obamacare has a provision that if an insurance company raises its premiums, they will not be able to go onto the public exchange. From my understanding, the public exchange is where the insurance companies are supposed to compete for our business.

8. Obamacare has a new tax, effective with the 2009 tax year. This provision will tax health insurance companies a total of $6,700,000,000 each year.

So, for an insurance company, what are your choices? You can pay your share of the tax and raise premiums to cover the added cost, making health insurance more expensive for the public and at the same time limiting your access to new business through the public exchange; or, you can try to absorb the tax and let it eat away at your profits and eventually put you out of business.

9. "Tax Freedom Day" for 2010 is expected to average around the end of May. This is the date that it is estimated the average worker in America has reached in order for his wages to equal his taxes for the year.

10. Can you explain this one for me? Palin is campaigning for McCain against Hayworth!

In closing, remember, they were at war with us but we were not at war with them. We are playing catch-up! We have to fight twice as hard! We cannot afford to take spring break or have recess! Too much is at stake!

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