Friday, April 9, 2010


The security of our nation is constantly being "tested" for weaknesses and vulnerabilities by our enemies. One of the areas where there have been obvious tests has been our airlines.

Over the past few years, there were numerous incidents where one to several people have done something concerning an airline or a specific flight that is clearly a test. Typically, when the news story first hits the media, we get bits and pieces, without details such as names, race, nationalities, etc. Eventually, we hear a name or nationality and almost every single time, the name and country of orgion are Arabic. We finally learn that the person(s) responsible for the scare is Muslim.

The USA is very tolerant of diversity. We accept just about anyone from just about anywhere. We do not ask your religion as a condition for entry. We do not investigate each traveler's background or acquaintances before we grant them a visa. Occasionally, someone will attract attention and warrant further questioning, but typically, they are then released to go about their business in our country.

This tolerance has been taken to extremes over the past few decades. Our country has taken on the position of political correctness (PC). Now, we are almost afraid to single out the person for questioning who fits the profile of just about every single terrorist that has attacked us. We don't want to be labeled a "racist", or even worse, be sued for discrimination (racial or religious). So, our airport security (TSA) will "wand" the white grandmother and pass, without hesitation, the young Arab male who has no luggage, bought his one-way ticket with cash and is nervously praying out loud to Allah as he walks onto the plane.

As our PC is viewed as a weakness by radical extremists, they have been taking advantage of our "randomness" in airport security measures. Arab men and women are sent to test the boundaries of what is allowable, see how far they can move the line in the shifting sand, discover the reactions to and consequences for their behavior; all without actually breaking any serious laws. That way, once they have been questioned and released, they are positioned to file a law suit for punitive damages for their "humiliation" and for being victims of discrimination.

We have had Arab women who refuse to be subject to a thorough airport screening, due to religious beliefs. They wear the loose clothing that covers all but their eyes and hands and expect to be allowed past security without scrutiny. We have Arab men who refuse to remove their head pieces as they pass security. We have men of normal size requesting seat belt extensions for no apparent reason. We have Arab men, as a group, praying loudly in Arabic prior to entering the plane; then taking seats throughout the plane and shouting Muslim phrases. The list goes on and on. They act in a way that is intended to draw attention, it succeeds and makes people nervous, they finally push things to a point where they are questioned. TSA and the FBI find no laws were broken and they are released. The exercise has gained our enemy valuable information about our vulnerabilities.

This past week, we had our most recent test. When I first heard the news story, it was without names, etc. One of my first thoughts, was whether or not this man is a Muslim? A couple days later, more details were available and we find out he is Arabic and from an Arab nation.

It turns out that his man is a young diplomat from an Arab nation. The incident happened as he was flying to Colorado to visit another Arab who is in prison after pleading guilty to aiding Al Quada. Our suspect drew attention by being in the airplane bathroom and there being smoke coming from that bathroom. When the attendants got the door open and he came out, he had a smirk on his face and joked that he was in there lighting his shoes. He had been smoking. As most of you know, smoking is not allowed on an airliner. He was questioned and released due to him being a diplomat from a foreign country. Diplomats have immunity from prosecution for crimes.

This story made me wonder if diplomats are subject to airport security measures, so I sent Homeland Security an email asking them about that and about someone getting matches or a lighter on the plane. Today, I did get a response. It was generic, did not address the question about diplomats, but gave me the standard answer as to matches and lighters are allowed under certain conditions.

What did the Arabs learn? They know that they can label some young Arab male as a diplomat and he can just about get away with anything on a plane.

What did we learn? I learned that we are even weaker than expected, more PC than we can survive, and not smart enough to make changes to our rules to compensate for the exposed vulnerabilities just discovered. The USA, TSA and Homeland Security probably did not learn anything.

Happy flying the friendly skies!

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  1. "We have had Arab women who refuse to be subject to a thorough airport screening, due to religious beliefs."

    Do you have religious objections to airport personnel seeing you naked?

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