Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RINO John is Back!

Rambo John (R.J.) McCain showed up in the Republican primary in Arizona.  He launched an attack against his conservative opponent, with both barrels, before J.D. ever announced he was even in the race.  Bart and Bret Maverick would have been proud, in fact they probably would have adopted R.J. into the family, officially. 

R.J. never let up, it was full attack mode from day one.  A constant barrage of commercials and advertising.  He dug a hole six feet deep, getting all the dirt (real or perceived) that could be found to bury J.D.  He gambled with O.P.M. (other people's money) ($20+ million it is reported) on his ability to read the tells on the defensive face of his opponent.  It paid off.  J.D. did not appear to ever be able to get traction and quickly slipped into the hole.

The people in Arizona, wondered where R.J. came from.  Wasn't it just 24 months before when he was the guy claiming that Obama would be a fine president, if he were to win?  He (RINO John - r.J.) was the one who refused to have even a pansy level of attack mode in the most important race of his career.  He would not allow his campaign staff to make an issue of Obama's past, lack of experience, friends, citizenship, etc.  He was afraid of doing anything that might cause his friends in the media to call him a racist.

So, we have r.J. shooting blanks from a toy gun as he ran for president.  We find the same guy with a bazooka, after a foxhole conversion, now the ultimate conservative, attempting to out-Right J.D.  We watched him take J.D.'s stand on the border and try to make it his own.  Remember, "build the danged fence".  This he said with what appeared to be feigned emotion.  His inability to effectively run a major campaign is responsible for the U.S. having a socialist in the White House.

But, r.J. transformed into R.J. for the Senate republican primary.  He ended most every commercial with, "Character Matters!"  Yes, r.J., it does.  That is one of the reasons so many wanted you to find retirement.  Frankly, we do not want reruns of Maverick.

Now that he basically bought the primary, it is time to launch his R.J. attack dogs on the democrat opponent.  We are a few weeks past the primary and before the general and wondering where R.J. has gone.  He must have rode off into the sunset because there seems to be no evidence of a campaign underway.  I see no attack ads or commercials, we are not hearing him "approve of this message" - there are no messages out there! 

What appears to be happening is the resurgence of r.J.  No attacking the foe.  No digging the dirt.  No spending of millions.  No nothing.  The truth is coming back out of the shadow, there never was a R.J., that was just an illusion propped up the unspent contributions from the last campaign. 

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