Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jack Ass Poop With Make-Up

"Just Say NO!"  Why do Republican leaders believe that their job is to take the crap proposed by the Democrats and just try to make it somewhat better?

Over the past few years we have watched from a distance as those that we have sent to Washington failed miserably to represent "we the people" on the Right.  With few exceptions, the RINOs were more concerned about their image portrayed by the media and what the talking-heads were saying about them, reaching across the aisle, not actually doing a filibuster but suggesting that they might, going-along to get-along, and basically caving in on most every turn.  Their spineless behavior during the Bush years was pathetic!  They failed to lead with any real vision.  The result was defeat in 2006 and 2008.

As they lost power in the Congress, their excuses for having no principles to stand upon, had to do with the minority of their numbers.  They complained that the best they could do was to try to add amendments to crap bills in an attempt to dress them up a little. 

How did we Republicans end up with such a bunch of moderate leaders who find no line in the sand worth drawing.  And you know what I mean by "moderate" - much of the time siding with or co-writing bills with the Left.  Why is it so hard for them to see what is so clear to us?  The Left uses and abuses them like a jerk does to a girl with no self-esteem.  Then they come crawling back more pathetic than when they were rejected, promising this time that they will try harder to get along.

Again, there are some exceptions and over the past 18 months, there has been some improvement in the area of unity among the stance taken, but we are still dealing with the same individuals in many districts who undercut us and would stab us in the back while soliciting donations. 

We do not want an amnesty bill that has been powdered around the edges with a few more hoops for illegals to jump through.

We do not want crap and trade that has been modified to not kick in a little later.

We do not want another stimulus bill that has the lipstick of some pork barrel for us back home.

We do not want big government running the private sector but with a few of the penalties removed.

We do not want higher taxes after a chin-lift where dividends were left alone. 

We have heard that "politics is compromise".  Well, politician, we are sick and tired of your compromise and we are sending you back home.  We want someone who will stand up and "just say NO!"  Not, no, unless you give me a sweet deal.  Not, no, unless you help me raise support, etc.  Just NO because they have principles and ethics that will not allow them to support such garbage no matter how it has been prettied-up. 

Folks, we are only a few weeks away from an opportunity to send some of these problem Republicans home and replace them with honest conservatives.  Make sure that in your district, victory is secured.

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