Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liberals vs. Liberty

Freedom!  The word itself, can bring a tear to your eye and put a smile on your lips.  Our country has enjoyed a reputation of being "the land of the free".  Individuals from all around the world have sought ways to get to America.  Many have left all they had and even risked the loss of life in order to become a part of this great experiment.  I have never heard the phrase, "The Russian dream", or "The French dream", or "The Mexican dream".  But, most people know what you mean by "The American dream".

There has been something special about America and being an American.  Our country has never needed to entertain the possibility of fencing the border in order to keep us from escaping.  We have the opposite problem - maintaining a level of control over those attempting to enter our borders. 

The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that there is in the heart of man a desire to enjoy freedom.  But, as has been said, "Freedom is not free!"  Periodically, since the founding of our nation, Americans have found it necessary to fight for our freedom.  For some reason, there always seems to be someone who wants to rob us of our liberty.  The Declaration of Independence also reminds us that the life and liberty we enjoy are gifts from God.  So, if it is God who gives us liberty, who inspires those who try to take it away from us?

We, as a nation of free men, have been ready to defend our right to be free.  For the most part, the battles have been with foreign enemies.  Today, in America, we are faced with a new enemy, a domestic enemy - the Leftists who seek to transform the United States from the greatest nation on the Earth to a weak-kneed and spineless has-been. 

Within our own shores, we face a multitude of battles.  First and foremost is the spiritual battle.  If we as individuals expect God to render aid to the cause of liberty, we had better be in right relationship and fellowship with Him.  If we do not have God on our side, the other battles are already lost.  Second, we face a battle of ideology (a gathered set of ideas or doctrines).  Those on the Right have one body of thought and those on the Left have another.  They are constantly at odds with each other.  An example, the Right wants less government intrusion in their lives and the Left considers more government to be the solution to our problems.  This leads to the third battle - political.  It is the political power that controls the ideology expressed in how our government functions. 

There is a pathway to victory in these battles.  First, if we will humble ourselves, turn from our sin and seek God.  Pray that He will hear us and heal our land.  Second, as we enter the battle of ideas, we need to be educated and trained in the ability to made a reasonable argument that will help convince those with opposing ideas that our way is better.  Third, we must be doing whatever we can to gain political victory in November.  Find conservative and honest candidates and support them.  Then make sure that you vote.

Every generation must protect liberty. It is our turn to fight or it will be lost forever. 

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