Monday, May 10, 2010

Economical Signposts

Over the past few days there have been some "new numbers" pertaining to the economy.

1. The unemployment rate hit 9.9% for April. This was up .2% from March. Obama (BO) and his administration (BOA), along with the media hailed this as good news. Why? Because they spun the bad news into a story about how the higher number of people on unemployment was a sign of encouragement. They broadcast this as meaning that more people who were unemployed were seeing reason for hope and had re-entered the hunt for a job.

Since the unemployment number reflects the number of people collecting unemployment, not the total of those seeking employment, I would have a question of the BOA. Why would unemployed workers who are entitled to unemployment stop collecting benefits due to discouragement with the job situation? Why would they wait until they are encouraged to go back and begin collecting unemployment benefits again? Doesn't it make sense, if you were entitled to these benefits, that you would continue to collect them until the benefits expired or you found a job? Of course it does and that is exactly what really happened.

The increase in the unemployment number was not due to some encouraged, unemployed workers who decided to go back and start collecting the rest of their benefits while they re-entered the job market. The increase was due to those who are still discouraged and still unemployed who now qualify for additional benefits. Recently, Congress approved extending unemployment benefits to cover a longer period of time. So, those who have no job and had previously expired all benefits came back to take advantage of the extended coverage period.

Anyone who claims that as good news is deceitful.

2. The most recent numbers set a record for the total number of people on food stamps. We have the proud distinction of having 40,000,000 people on food stamp welfare. Based on government figures, the average monthly benefit, per person, for food stamps is $101. That relates to $4,000,000,000 per month for this program.

It appears that we are quickly approaching the "change" for America that Obama "hoped" for. Reaching BO's goal will be a transformed United States into a typical, socialist nation that is following the European example. The goal of the Left, for decades, has been a ruling class made up of them and the dependant class made up of us. They have been accomplishing this, little-by-little, by such things as: the dumbing-down of a couple generations, the constant attack against anyone who opposes their agenda, win elections at any costs (cheat, fraud, lie, steal), open borders, out-sourcing jobs (yes, I believe that the whole propose in the so-called, good intentions of outsourcing jobs was to eliminate more of the better jobs with higher pay and force those workers into a lower level of employment or unemployment), the attack on our capitalistic economic system, the removal of God from the public viewpoint, the attack on the Constitution, the enlargement of welfare programs, promoting class envy, the constant demonization of "big business", and the unending drumbeat of playing the "race card".

These are not separate fights the Left is fighting; they, along with others, make up a combined and coordinated effort to undermine our country and transform it into something our Founding Fathers fought and died to prevent.

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  1. Another thing they don't say much in the news...any apparent decrease in the recent unemployment numbers can be attributed to those who found temporary employment working for the census bureau. They'll be re-unemployed shortly.